5 Pieces Water Aerobics Set for Aquatic Exercise, Pool Fitness Equipment Foam Water Dumbbell, Aquatic Swim Belt, Resistance Gloves, Water Workout Fitness Tool


417yLtU+ RL. AC51L 3pJuOaL. AC41JCC0EUMeL. AC61o7aKliZdL. AC51nnveoYScL. AC610flfo3lsL. AC, buynow3, This combo set includes all the essential tools that you need to jump-start!
– 2 high-density water dumbbells
– 2 swimming gloves
– 1 flotation belt
Best workout way in the pool
Aquatic exercises are recommended by many health and fitness professionals for those that cannot exercise comfortably on land, as the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on joints bones and muscles.
Water barbells provide extra resistance during aquatic exercise, strengthening your muscles in a way that is efficient and also relatively safe. With this pair of hand barbells, you can do arm curls, breaststroke arms, rows, bicycle arms, and even karate punches! So many movement varieties for you – depending on what workout results you are seeking. Sculpting your abs? Sure, it will do. Toning your upper body? Absolutely! Defining your chest? It’ll even define your life.

【ALL-IN-ONE COMPLETE SET】This Aquatic Fitness Set has all the essential tools you need for aquatic exercise. It includes 2 high-density EVA foam water dumbbells, 1 swimming belt, 2 swimming gloves
【EXCELLENT MATERIAL】The water weights are made of EVA foams, durability, and resistance. They provide flotation and low water absorption. Lightweight and portable.Soft foam, contoured swim belt designed for less irritation with adjustable strap and buckle for a custom fit. One size fits all.
【VERSATILE USE】Use this water exercise set in a variety of settings: Aquatic classes, water physical therapy, pool exercise, underwater fitness, water Zumba, water aerobics, and rehabilitation. Aqua barbells are suitable for swimming pool, spa, fitness exercises, etc, which is suitable for adult and kids using
【LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT】Exercise in the water has less impact on the body than traditional exercise on land.Dumbbells help your muscles build endurance as well as increase flexibility by providing additional resistance under the water. The water helps alleviate stress and pressure on your joints, preventing injuries. This makes our combo set ideal for recovery training.
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