Ab Wheel Rollout — (How To Use An Ab Roller Wheel)


Learn how to do an ab wheel rollout using the correct ab rollout form.
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The ab wheel rollout is one of the best ab exercises when it is done correctly. It effectively works your 6-pack abs (rectus abdominis) as well as your underlying core muscle (transverse abdominis). This ab roller tutorial will teach you how to do an ab rollout correctly, maximizing your reps and keeping your back healthy.

The most important part of this exercise is to hold your core tight and not let your lower back sag at the low part of the rollout. Make sure you pull your belly button back and contract your abs at all times.

If you are sagging, don’t roll out as far. On the rollback, make sure you are flexing your abs and curling your back round slightly.

How To Use An Ab Roller Wheel — [Step-by-Step Technique]

Step 1: Start by getting into a tabletop position, with your knees on some pads or a towel for protection and your hands on the ab wheel. Breathe in.
Step 2: As you breathe out, pull your belly button back and slowly start to roll out as far as you can, keeping your core tight.
Step 3: Hold at the furthest point for a count, then breathe in as you roll back, making sure to flex your abs and push your shoulders up to engage the abs fully.

** Pro Tip #1: Start with 2 sets of 10-15 reps.

** Pro Tip #2: As you complete the exercise, keep your abs flexed and your back flat. If your back starts to sag, don’t roll out as far or stop the exercise.

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