Amber Riley Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After


Riley is an American actress, author, singer, and activist. Amber rose to fame after she appeared in Fox’s comedy-drama series, Glee, which aired from 2009 to 2015.

Her most famous role as Mercedes won her many accolades including Screen Actors Guild Award, Teen Choice Award, and a Grammy Award.

Being of heavier size, Amber was asked a lot of questions like “How do you feel about your body?”. As confident as Riley is, she always answered, “I feel very comfortable with myself”. Her fans love her honesty and confidence.

However, things changed recently, when Riley appeared at NAACP Image Awards, she looked quite different. She was slimmer than before. It was quite apparent that Amber had lost weight.

Now, everyone was bewildered and was asking the question, why did she lose weight when she was comfortable with herself? 

The weight loss story of Jennifer Hudson is equally similar to Amber Riley’s.

Why did Riley Lose Weight?

Amber fall in love with fast food and became addicted to it. She would grab either pizza or burgers whenever she passed by a restaurant. This, as anyone can imagine, had a very negative impact on Amber’s health. As her weight continued to increase, she started having health issues.

And this is when Riley realized that she had to lose weight. Here is what Riley said about the effect of fast food, “All those pizzas and burgers were attacking my stomach.” She further said, “I decided I was going to make a change and eat healthier.

How did Riley Lose Weight?

She lost weight by working on her habits. As mentioned earlier, Amber was obsessed with fast food to the extent that it became an addiction. So, first and foremost, she had to take control of her diet. Giving up fast food wasn’t that much easy.

So, she gave up slowly and gradually. With the passage of time, Riley shifted to a more green diet. That is she started eating green vegetables more often. Besides that, she would eat a lot of fruits. Apple was a must in her diet plan.

She also gave up every kind of drink that had processed sugar in it. In place of having soda, she started drinking fresh fruit juice. Carrot and orange juices became her favorite ones. As coffee and tea also have processed sugar, it was also a no.

Amber drank a considerable amount of water on a given day. This helped her in multiple ways. It boosted her metabolism while at the same time suppressing her appetite. Besides that, water is a kind of fuel for your body so it helped Amber a lot in doing exercise.

Going for long walks in the morning and evening certainly played a role too. She also engaged in cycling, sports, and swimming. With this healthy shift in her daily routine, Amber received healthy results and started living healthily.

Before & After Weight Loss

Amber Riley before and after weight loss

Riley’s current weight is 187 pounds as compared to her old weight of 237 pounds. She lost 50 pounds along the way. This reduction in weight resulted in an even more energized Amber.

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Final Words

Being comfortable with who you are is an essential part of being happy. However, there is nothing wrong with changing yourself if the change is necessary for your well-being.

Riley is a good example. She embarked on the journey to lose weight when she found that it was important and necessary.

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