Andra Day Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before and After


Few artists earn as much fame as Andra in their early days. Andra, whose real name is Cassandra Monique Batie, made her debut album in the year, 2015. And since then, she has not stopped.

Not only in music but Day has also made a splendid debut in her acting career. In her very first movie, The United States vs Billie Holiday, Andra won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Motion Picture.

But shining in the music industry and playing the role of her idol singer aren’t Day’s only achievements.

She is famous in the world of health as well. Andra is well-known for her body fitness. And as if it was not enough, she lost a whopping 40 pounds shocking her fans even more.

So, what was the main reason behind her sudden weight loss? Well, as it turns out, her playing the role of her idol and her drastic weight loss are inter-connected. Day lost weight in order to play the role of Billie Holiday.

Andra explained the experience as “It was horrifying. No, terrible, I was dead scared. I’m not an actor, and I felt totally out of my depth. I’m such a fan of hers, and the last thing I wanted to do is mess up the story of this woman I love“. Here are the details about Day’s weight loss journey.

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Andra Day’s Weight Loss Journey

As mentioned earlier, Day’s weight loss journey started the day she was cast for the role of Holiday. However, the process was gradual. “I had to transform not just my body but the way I spoke and even the way I thought,” said Andra and continued, “I had to adapt the way she (Billie Holiday) approached everything: conflict, joy, life. I lost 40 pounds”.

As you can see, Andra was completely committed to her playing the role. She started working on her appearance and in months, lost the required weight. So, the question that comes to mind is how? How did Day lose so much weight within months?

She followed an established routine day and night. For nearly three months, Andra made her every decision according to that routine. Now, some activities of this routine might sound strange to you but in the end, they worked. So, here we go.

Working on Eating Habits

The most important thing in weight loss is eating healthy food. Day knew its importance that’s why she gave a lot of attention to her eating habits. In case you are wondering about Andra’s diet plan, here is her food philosophy “My overall philosophy about food is that I love it. The other side of it is to eat balanced. Eat healthfully. Eat clean.

Eat organic as much as you can. Try not to go too crazy when you’re eating Cheetos Flamin’ Hot”. It was this balance in her diet that led Andra to lose a quarter of her weight. Day told the interviewer that she is a “vegetable person”.

Besides veggies, Day’s main focus is lean protein. All healthy eating is a good thing but all of us have another side too, right? Well, in Andra’s case, she craves three delicious foods as well. Day said that she loves eating pasta, her mother’s “murderous yellow cake peach cobbler”, and San Diego’s Mexican food.

Andra also drank a lot of water. She would drink 10 to 12 glasses per day to keep her body hydrated. So, this was all in all Andra’s diet plan that helped her in getting rid of pounds to play the role of her idol. But controlling her diet is not the only thing she did in order to lose weight. 

Working Out in the Gym

When you read the word gym, don’t think about a gym full of people with muscles, sweating while working out. Instead, think of a garage because that’s what Day did. She turned her garage into the gym. She got the necessary equipment there.

Day explained the experience as “I’ve got to do cardio. I hate it, but I need it. In my family on my father’s side, we have to be very attentive when it comes to our hearts”. Now, this was something that needed attention.

Here is the impact of working out had on Andra, “I often feel like brain fog is an issue for me, but when I’m working out regularly and drinking more water, my head feels clearer, truly. It’s an exciting feeling“. Besides cardio, Day also loves lifting weights which helps her in burning all extra calories and lose the extra weight. She also did swimming and cycled outdoors.

Peace of Mind is Necessary

Andra is a very spiritual person. She loves to clear her mind by practicing the ancient practice of yoga. She called her relationship with God the “healthiest habit of her life”. Along with yoga, Day also does a lot of meditation. 

This is how Andra lost weight in order to play the role of Billie Holiday.

Before & After Weight Loss

No surprise, after doing a hell of hard work and maintaining discipline in her life, Day’s current weight is 121 lbs. As compared to her old weight of 161 lbs. She has lost 40 lbs along the way.

Andra’s Comments on Her Weight Loss

When Day was asked to explain her afterward experience with weight loss, she answered, “I started to get to a healthier state, it felt good on my system. Now, I’m enjoying the way my body feels, my mobility, all that stuff. I want to keep running, keep working with weights, and keep eating well and also having random Cheetos moments“.

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Final Words

What Andra has achieved is truly an inspiration. Within a few years of her music and acting career, she won the hearts of millions and has written her name in the hall of fame of great artists. Her weight loss journey is an inspiration for millions of her fans.

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