Anna Faris Weight Loss 2022: Before & After Journey


Faris is a very talented American lady. She was born on 29th November 1976. Faris is an actress, comedian, podcaster, author, and producer. As I said, she is very talented. Her birth name is Anna Kay Faris. Anna’s birthplace is in Baltimore, Maryland.

Her father, Jack, is a sociology professor, and her mother, Karen, is a teacher. Faris’ family moved a lot because of her father’s job.

She was born as a second child. Her elder brother chose the path of his father and now is a sociology professor.

Anna first went to Edmonds Woodway High School and then the University of Washington. She is a graduate of English Literature.

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Weight Loss Journey

Things changed a lot when Faris and Pratt separated. Chris Pratt moved on and marry to Katherine Schwarzenegger. But apparently, Faris’ world falls apart.

It seems that their divorce left some serious side effects on Anna’s life. Faris started drinking a lot. As you can expect, she did not check on her health as well.

Faris soon enough gained extra pounds. Her fans started worrying about her. She always seemed to be depressed. Some said that “Eat, take care of yourself”, while others said, “someone, please help her”. It was not only affecting her health. It was probably affecting their son, Jack.

But the good thing is Faris finally took charge of her life and brought changes to it. She worked on her eating habits. The actress has lost a considerable amount of weight. And is now getting back to her daily life.

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How Anna Faris lost weight?

Faris’ strategy was avoiding unhealthy stuff. Most of that unhealthy stuff was comprised of drinking. Getting hold of herself was one of the most important things she did.

The habit that caused the weight gain was the habit that caused weight loss. It was Faris’ eating habit. She totally got rid of her drinking habit at first. Which was a very positive change. Anna also started doing workouts but her main focus was on what she eats.

Keeping track of the food that we eat will help us a lot. It will tell us what we consume the whole day. And once you got to know about any unhealthy thing you eat, the next step should be eliminating it from your menu.

Diet Plan

After eliminating drinking from her menu, Faris started keeping track of things. She started eliminating things that seem unhealthy. Anna would start her day with gorge juice.

She would also sometimes begin the day with a sip of green tea. For dinner, her main focus would be on a green salad.

However, in lunch, Faris would not make it any hard on herself. She would have chicken, beef, or some normal light-weighted food for lunch. Anna would fry the meat in olive oil.

Faris’ diet plan is really great, but it can be made more effective. Eating vegetables will also help a lot. It will increase your stamina and give you a lot of energy. Fruits would double your energy.

Drinking water also helps in losing weight. It keeps our bodies dehydrated. So, drinking water will serve you two purposes, first, it will improve your overall health, and second, it will also get you some fat burned.

Workout Plan

Faris joined a gym, where she would lift some weight, and do push-ups and pull-ups. Anna would also walk for an hour on daily basis. Doing all this stuff helped her in improving her health a lot.

Early Life

Faris was never serious about acting. She had a dream of writing a novel. The comedian once said in an interview “I never thought that I wanted to become a movie star. All I wanted was to earn some extra money” for her novel.

Though Faris never admitted that she wanted to become an actress but she had this wish in her heart. Anna Faris performed on various stages during her graduation years.

She finally started her acting career in 1996. Where she played a small role in the movie, Deception: A Mother’s Secret. In the year 1999, Anna got a major role in Lovers Lane.

Since then Faris has played in multiple movies and TV shows. Including My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The House Bunny, The Dictator, 22 Jump Street, and many more. Faris married Ben Indra in 2004.

However, it did not turn out well. Faris filed for divorce saying “Irreconcilable Differences”. They got separated in 2007. In the same year, Anna met Chris Pratt and they started dating.

They met in a movie, Take Me Home Tonight. They had to play the role of lovers. Well, they fall in love with each other in real life.

Faris and Pratt married in 2009. However, because of some issues, they filed for divorce in 2017. They have a child together, Jack.


Anna Faris’ story tells us that there is nothing impossible. It is true that sad moments come in your life and some people who you thought very dear leave.

But we should remember one thing that time passes. It goes on forever. We should also remember that time is the best teacher of humans.

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