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Is fruit good or bad for you?

In trying to lose weight, THE BIGGEST mistake that people make in terms of diet, is that they have too much fruit, way too often! Lemme break it down for you today.

Now I know some of the viewers will be really shocked by this video. Because fruits are really good for you right? That’s the mentality we’ve grown up with as Indians.

Our parents shout at us if we eat chocolates, but fruit, no that’s okay.

Fruit being a diet food is an idea that is hardwired in most of our brains. Its very hard to accept a new idea when you’ve been told the opposite your entire life.

Also fruits taste delicious. So if some dude on the internet is telling you that fruits aren’t entirely healthy, you won’t feel like accepting that. But stay with me, I’ll explain the science of it.

Now let’s get one thing straight. I personally love fruits. And they are a part of my diet because unlike processed sugar, they aren’t entirely unhealthy.

You get 2 very important things from fruit – lots of fibre and lots of micronutrients. I can afford to eat more fruit than the regular person, because my goal is not weight loss and because I work out so much, I have a higher calorie cap. But are fruits good for weight loss? Arne’t fruit smoothies good for you ? fruit juice for weight loss ?

If your goal is purely weight loss, fruit is bad for you.

BUT why? Don’t they have healthy sugars?! is fruit sugar not healthy for you?
What do people mean exactly by healthy sugars? When you breakdown the sugar inside a fruit, you are left with the same constituent molecule that makes up sugar. When broken down to the core, there is close to no difference between a grain of sugar, honey, jaggery or fruit.

BUT nutritionally fruits are packed with vitamins and other micronutrients. That’s the only way fruits are healthier than sugar. It has nothing to do with the type of sugar inside fruits.

BUT in saying that ,every human being needs to know this. There is close to nothing you get from fruits that you don’t get from veggies. So effectively there isn’t any reason fruits should be in your diet if your goal is weight loss. Whatever you’re losing out on by not eating fruits, you can make up by having a diet full of different kinds of veggies.

If your goal is weight loss, sugar is your biggest enemy, I speak about this in so many of my videos. In my weight loss challenge video, the whole point of the challenge is to cut off sugar from your diet entirely. This includes fruit because just like when you have a cake, when you have fruits, you get an insulin spike in your bloodstream. And too many insulin spikes promote deposition of fat in your body. Watch my video on carbohydrate education to understand this whole science better.

I’m not going to go into the deep science of it, but this is what you basically need to know if your goal is weight loss. As far as possible, you wanna avoid insulin or sugar spikes in your blood stream. Insulin spikes happen when you have sugary foods. When you eat soemthing sugary, your body gains so much energy from that food, that it can’t even utilise that energy. So it ends up being stored as fat. The only time your body is capable of utilising all that energy from sugary foods, is after a workout. So if you HAVE to have fruts, have then immediately after exercsing, as a form of carbohydrate. You need to account for carbs and calories from the fruit as well.

Keep in mind, even at this time, you shouldn’t be having a large amount of fruit. Too much sugar is always bad in terms of fat loss. So the way to go is to have a small portion of fruits after the workout ONLY.

And as far as possible, change it up a bit. Have a new fruit every day. The only good thing that comes out of having fruits is the micronutrients. Different fruits give you different micronutrients. Your goal is to get them all.

Keep in mind, at any other time of the day, fruits are gonna make you fat. Everything you get from fruits, you can get from vegetables. BUT I’m not one of those extreme people. I believe in a balance of lifestyles. So don’t entirely ditch fruits from your diet. Have extremely small portions, once in a while. Moderation is the way to go.

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