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If you’re a guy out there building muscle, but you’re having troubling losing the extra pounds of fat to get the body you want then this video is for you. Because the secret to getting a cut, muscular, and toned body is half about the right muscle-building strategies and half about the right fat loss strategies.

And here’s the truth… you can use them at the same time to get the fast, amazing results you want!

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The basics of the right muscle building diet comes down to eating in a daily calorie surplus. You need to be giving your body the excess calories to build new muscle, and the range is anywhere from 200-500 calories over your daily caloric expenditure.

Strategy #1: High-Intensity Interval Training 1-2 times per week (1:58)

Once you lock in your calorie target and adjust your eating accordingly, doing 1-2 of these HIIT workouts per week is going to have amazing benefits for both maintaining your muscle gain and accelerating fat loss. Make sure to do them on different days than your muscle-building workouts.

Strategy #2: Carb & Calorie Cycling for Muscle Building & Fat Loss (3:31)

Your body typically needs more calories on days you are training than the days you’re not. So even though this is considered a slightly more advanced topic, it’s actually pretty simple. On the days you train, you want to make sure your calorie intake is in that 200-500 calorie surplus range. Whereas on the days you don’t work out, you can scale back the calories a bit to enhance your fat burning for that day. The same is true for carbs.

Strategy #3: Intermittent Fasting (5:31)

At its core, you can think about intermittent fasting as compressing your eating window. One setup that works particularly well for muscle building is the 16-8 fasting setup. In this schedule, you would fast for 16 hours and have your meals spread throughout an 8-hour window.

That being said, when it comes to intermittent fasting, the shorter you make your eating window, the more calories you’ll have to it in a shorter amount of time.

Strategy #4: The Importance of Sleep (7:40)

One of the WORST things you can while building muscle and losing weight is ignoring a poor sleep pattern. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep regularly each night will negatively impact your body’s ability to function optimally in all respects.

A proper sleep routine helps regulates your body’s hormone levels and keeps your mind clear, focused, and motivated. And in terms of solving the problem of ‘gaining muscle but not losing fat’, when you don’t get enough sleep your body will preferentially burn more muscle than fat for energy.

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The Overview & Recommendations for You Now (8:30)

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