Art of Weight Maintenance


Stay Zen as you lose weight in New JerseyPicture yourself riding along a railway track countless miles long. Though the sights you see from the track gradually change as you move along, the track itself is always the same, never widening or narrowing. Just as the track has no starting point, it also has no end, no greater goal to attain—to run along the track is itself the purpose.

To Zen practitioners, this concept is known as “the single-minded way,” the way that individuals seeking enlightenment view life. As part of this view, enlightenment is not the goal of their practice—the path itself is the goal.

Anyone trying to lose weight with medical weight loss in New Jersey in may be able to glean a little kernel of wisdom from this sentiment. Though you may have a goal in mind of how much weight you’d ultimately like to lose, you should focus less on this hypothetical future accomplishment and more on the daily habits and behaviors needed to reach it. The idea is that regardless of what happens the way we live our lives should always be the same—we should reflect our true nature and sincerity in every moment.

Everything you do, no matter how big or small, is an expression of yourself. You shouldn’t view anything as a preparation for something else; rather, those preparations are the practice itself. Cooking is not just a preparation for eating—it’s an expression of your sincerity, a reflection of your focus and resolve to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

When you cook, as when you do all things, you should allow yourself ample opportunity to express yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to focus on cooking with nothing in mind, no expectations to fulfill. Just cook, and appreciate what you’re doing right now—it isn’t preparation for something else, but both the path to and goal of your efforts.

Don’t Look at the Track

You shouldn’t become too curious about the track as you travel along it. You shouldn’t see the track itself, but instead focus on enjoying the sights you see from the train. The track, a metaphor for sincerity, holds no secrets and will only dizzy you to look at. Remember that everyone has the same nature as the railway track and that this will never change.

These ideas may be somewhat cerebral, but there are many things that weight loss patients can learn from the tenets of Zen. We’re constantly at the mercy of our own criticisms, beating ourselves up over not reaching a goal or failing to adhere to our weight loss programs, but we need to seek out understanding and sincerity in each present moment rather than focusing on some ideal far-off future. Remember: the weight you hope to lose isn’t your ultimate goal—it’s the path to that weight loss you’ve chosen to pursue—a healthier lifestyle!

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