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What is the most difficult thing about losing weight? A very common saying amongst fit people is that “Anyone can gym for an hour a day. Its what you do with the remaining 23 hours that is the hard part.”
NOBODY craves a lean chicken breast or paneer made from skimmed milk. Think about it. Your strongest cravings are always for carbohydrates. Cake, samosas, pav bhaaji, burgers. Nobody craves butter chicken by itself. EVERYBODY craves butter chicken and NAAN. The carb is what makes food sexy. Sugar, sweets and chocolate are the worst villains when it comes to your dieting journey.
And the carb is also the root cause of close to every long term health issue. Today’s video is all about beating those carb cravings. That one spoon of ice cream, full of cream and seductive sugar can be the difference between you staying fat and you smashing your fitness goals.
From my personal experience of dieting as a fat boy and turning my external appearance around, I’m going to talk about two EFFECTIVE methods to destroy even the tiniest craving you have.
I used to have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. I’ve reached a point where I hate sugar now. Made this video keeping girls in mind especially. From my experience with my clients, its always the women who struggle much more with cravings. So girls, watch and tag your girlfriends.
Watch and learn how to reduce cravings, hot to kill cravings, how to beat cravings and how to destroy every little craving in your path to a fitter you.

How to stop craving junk food – the video made to HELP YOU GET STRONGER ON YOUR DIET

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