Bodyweight Squats For Beginners [How To Do Squats Without Weights]


Learn how to do squats without weights with the proper bodyweight squat technique.
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Squats are one of the core, compound exercises that will help you in any area of weight loss, muscle gain, or general fitness. The exercise mainly works your quads, but will also work your hamstrings, calves, and core. This bodyweight squats tutorial will teach you how to add this great exercise to your existing workout.

A bodyweight squat workout is a great fat-burning exercise, due to the size and number of the muscle groups you are using. The variations we show in this video range in difficulty from bodyweight squats for beginners to exercises for advanced bodyweight squatters.

Bodyweight Squats Form — [Step-by-Step Exercise Technique]:

Step 1: Stand with a shoulder-width stance, with your head up, shoulders back, core tight, and a neutral curve in your spine.
Step 2: Breathing in, bend your knees, and push your hips back, lowering yourself down into a squatted position, keeping your weight back on your heels.
Step 3: Breathing out, push through your heels to raise back into the start position, maintaining a good upright position.
Step 4: Repeat until you have completed the prescribed number of reps.

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