Bruce Bruce Weight Loss 2022: Before & After Journey


We all know Bruce for his comedy and acting. But do you know that he has recently shocked many people by losing a significant amount of weight?

If you are a fan of Bruce and have been following him for a long time you might know how much heavier Bruce was when he started appearing on television. However, he has changed this whole.

Bruce now looks very handsome and healthier. Fans rushed over the whole social media when they saw Bruce losing a lot of weight.

At one stage Bruce weighed around 150 kg! Which is a very dangerous situation. Bruce’s fans and his family started worrying about him but he himself was easy as always.

However, the situation was really dangerous and Bruce had to do something. He took the right decision at the right time.

Bruce’s Weight Loss Journey

Bruce Bruce Journey

In the year 2014, Bruce was having some trouble with his health. When he asked doctors about the reason the answer was clear “lose some weight”.

That was the moment Bruce decided to lose some pounds. He changed himself a lot. He started a vegan diet and did some hard work which helped Bruce in maintaining his health.

Bruce does not share much information about his personal life, however, what we know about his weight loss journey is as follows:

Diet Plan

It seems from the way the comedian, Bruce, speaks that he does not like fast food much. He has often made fun of fast food in his stand-up comedy.

Not only fast food but Bruce avoided eating meat of every kind and went full vegetarian. He took the help of fruits and veggies. Which seems to be a very good choice. The American actor also avoided coffee in the morning.

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Workout Plan

Although Bruce did not join any gym he did work out nevertheless. The only difference was instead of using gym machinery the comedian bought the necessary machinery for himself.

Not a bad idea, eh? He would also run for an hour every morning. This whole struggle paid Bruce later when he lost a great amount of weight.

Bruce has lost weight between 40kgs and 45kgs.

After Weight Loss

Bruce Bruce Fatloss

Before starting his weight loss journey, Bruce weighed around 150kgs. However, now he weighs around 110kgs. A great change.

What has Bruce said about his weight loss?

In one of his stand-ups, Bruce talked about the struggle of losing weight. He not only discussed his struggle but also advised his fans.

He said “If you want to lose weight I will tell you to stay strong and stay focused, you understand? ‘Cause, it’s hard to lose weight.”

He further said in his funnier way “These days it is very hard to lose weight with all those food and stuff. I went to Burger King and they had these three mentions burgers, I said to them this will kill me. If you got to lose weight you will have to cut some food, you will have to cut a lot of chicken that you eat unnecessarily.”

He made people laugh while giving some useful advice. This is the way Bruce has won a lot of chickens.

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Bruce’s birth name is Bruce Church. He grew up in one of Atlanta’s roughest neighborhoods, The Bluff. Which affected Bruce’s habits.

After a huge time of living with unhealthy eating habits, Bruce finally decided to cut some pounds. And he did it.

There is an inspiration in Bruce’s story. If you have lived with some mistake for so long there is never late to bring positive change. All you need to do is make up your mind about that change and start working towards it.

Bruce’s story tells us not to give up to quickly and keep fighting. Ultimately the results will be favorable. So in Bruce’s own words “Stay strong and stay focused”.

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