Can Stretching Help Weight Loss? – Does It Burn Fat & Should Men Be Stretching More To Lose Weight?


Can stretching improve your weight loss results? Here’s the answer…
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You’ve probably heard talk about the benefits yoga can have for your fat loss results along with other dynamic stretching routines, but what about standard stretches. Can doing static stretches regularly actually create noticeable results and improve your progress?

Well, as you’ll discover in this video, there are really two parts to the answer of whether or not stretching can help you lose weight.

The Calorie Concern

It’s no secret that burning calories in the most efficient way possible is fundamental to any fat loss exercise. This is not to say that you should adopt an “all or nothing” approach to your activities and exercise. While a 30-minute walk every day may not burn as many calories as a 30-minute run, which do you think you’ll be able to do on a consistent basis? Walking, right?

But, we’re talking about static stretches (touching your toes, the butterfly, any stretch you hold for around 30 seconds). In these motions, you’re not moving, and you’d be much better off burning calories by taking that 30-minute walk.

That being said, as you’ll see later in this video, several dynamic stretches, yoga routines and other exercises like Pilates that incorporate stretching can be an effective tool for fat loss.

How Stretching Can Help With Weight Loss

As mentioned, however, there are benefits to incorporating all kinds of stretching routines, static included, to help you see the best results possible.

While stretching isn’t the best option as a belly fat burning activity, staying loose and limber by stretching regularly is going to help you avoid injury from workouts, improve your blood flow, and help release tensions and stress in your body.

So, stretching certainly has a place in the ideal weight loss routine. Particularly for men and women over 40, it’s a good idea to stretch on a regular basis especially if you’re just starting to work out again.

I hope this video gives you a better idea of how stretching factors into weight loss. Again, don’t look towards stretching as a way to burn calories, use it as an add-on to optimize your physical performance, and avoid injury.

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