Cathe Friedrich LITE Series Low Impact Training Extreme 7 DVD Workout Series for Intermediate Exercisers + LITE Pyramid Pump Strength Training Exercise DVD


51Vu9dPdOEL. AC51jy2jQ7RSL. AC51XI0YAnBuL. AC51FlCBHJ1bL. AC41mHASfqOlL. AC41fsXHrSsmL. AC41pnCmbweiL. AC, buynow3, This bundle includes all 7 Cathe LITE DVDs in a single case + LITE Pyramid Pump DVD. LITE is a fully low impact workout series that was designed to challenge the intermediate exerciser. Although the workouts were created with the intermediate exerciser in mind, they are easily adaptable for a more advanced exerciser by simply choosing heavier weight options and adding impact to the cardio movement as desired. Higher intensity “Calorie Crush” add-on bonuses have also been added to the cardio routines to allow an advanced exerciser to get a solid sweaty workout! These easy adjustments will also help an intermediate exerciser as they graduate with the program and start looking for additional challenges. The Calorie Crushes are also great on their own when you only have a small amount of time to spare and want to get a quick sweat before getting on with your day! The LITE Series has a perfect mix of solid weight routines and high energy, heart happy cardio! The series also includes two ab bonuses for a core-focused challenge and two extended stretch bonuses for those days when your muscles are needing a little extra love. The routines in this series are on the shorter side making them time effective. The shorter length also allows an exerciser to add on the bonuses, utilize premixes or double up for a longer workout on days when time is not an issue! What is my new “LITE”? Low Impact Training Extreme Workout Series! It’s my new LOW IMPACT series focused on the needs of the intermediate exerciser. Don’t let the name of this series fool you. It may be LITE on impact and LITE on those joints, but the LITE Series is anything but LITE on the challenge! This series will not only help intermediate exercises reach their full potential, but it will also provide a solid challenge for the advanced exerciser through ramped up bonus segments, higher weight options, and premixes. No matter your current fitness level, the LITE series will fit perfectly into your routine.
Cathe’s LITE Series Multi-Pack – includes 7 workouts on 7 DVDs plus Cathe Bonus Pyramid Pump Workout DVD
Bonus Workouts – over 2 1/2 hours of Cathe bonus LITE workouts; including 2 ab workouts; 2 extended stretch workouts, Pyramid Pump strength routines and calorie crush cardio workouts
177 Premixes! – Each Cathe LITE workout DVD includes numerous premixes featuring the bonus workouts
Shorter Workouts – all of the 7 main Cathe LITE workouts are under 45 min. Shorter and longer Premix options are available.
Calorie Crush Cardio Bonuses – for an added higher impact intensity burst on days when you want to take your workout to the next level., $122.94, $122.94 - $109.97


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