Core Exercises for Seniors: 50 User-Friendly Workouts After 60 for a Sound, Balanced and Energetic Aging to Build your Core Stability.


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Increase your range of motion aging strong and confident, strengthen your Core!

Aging involves a number of factors that lead our bodies to be less efficient and no longer as reliable as they once were; we lose muscle mass, our bones weaken, aches and pains grip us, and our senses are less reliable, making our daily steps and gestures less safe.
The key to regaining mobility, independence, preventing falls and injuries absolutely to be avoided in old age is in fact to train the “Core!”
The core plays a central role in our body, is involved in many essential movements and is also responsible for some of the most important vital functions. A healthy core has a positive effect on posture, consequently reducing pains that arise from it, on walking, giving stability to movements, on the functioning of the intestine and the urinary system.

It’s not easy to start training from scratch, especially if we no longer have the energy and dynamism we used to have, and, If our muscles and bones are often sore.

That is why in “CORE EXERCISES for SENIORS” you will find:The Core and You: How our “Core” is composed, what muscles make it up, how they act and how they are involved in everyday movements; what happens to our bodies as we age; and how a well-trained “Core” becomes essential for safe aging.Easy Routines: 30-day training plans for anyone who has difficulty with movement or pain, “beginner” and “intermediate” level.How to start training with warm-ups and how to stay active between exercises; how to test your level, how much and how to train.50 Accessible Exercises: A wide range of seated, standing and mat exercises with illustrated step-by-step instructions requiring no special equipment to engage the right muscles and prevent injury, plus tips for increasing or decreasing the intensity of each movement to suit your needs.Track your progress: Take notes and monitor your progress!
“There’s no thing that is not made easier through perseverance and familiarity and training. Through training we can change; we can transform ourselves.” (Dalai Lama)

“Core Exercises for Seniors” will fully introduce you to your new youth.
Keep yourself in motion and boost self-confidence, the first steps on the way to a new independence!

So Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now”, Whether it’s for you or someone you love!

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Core exercises, seniors training, seniors safe, avoid falls, fitness at 60, exercises over 60Core exercises, seniors training, seniors safe, avoid falls, fitness at 60, exercises over 60

Superman, Seniors wellness, core strenghten, core strenght, avoid injuries, seniors trainingSuperman, Seniors wellness, core strenghten, core strenght, avoid injuries, seniors training

50 targeted exercises to rebuild your movements gently

scissors exercisescissors exercise

squat coresquat core

butterfly exercisebutterfly exercise

Sitting exercises

Optimal for anyone with difficulty standing to work on strengh and coordination

Standing exercises

To improve and strenghten the stability of legs and pelvis

Lying down exercises

A good way to relieve back pain by working on posture and breathing


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