Crossover Symmetry Crossover Cords – Shoulder Resistance/Exercise Bands – Perfect for Warmups, Arm Care, Rotator Cuff Exercise or Physical Rehab from Injury – One Set of 2 Cords


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Massively Improve Shoulder Performance and Reduce PainCrossover Symmetry shoulder health resistance bands are medically designed and proven to improve shoulder strength and athletic performance. They are used by 20 MLB teams, 10 NFL teams, 75% of NCAA division 1 universities, PGA tour players, military, fire, police and more.
Designed For SafetyInferior resistance bands can snap and cause injury. Crossover Symmetry exercise bands are wrapped in a high strength protective nylon sleeve, that protects you from getting injured if the band snaps during use. These nylon sleeves prevent over-stretching of the resistance cords, and are also designed to protect the Crossover Cords from damaging UV-rays in outdoor training environments.
Crossover Cords are the safest, most durable cords on the planet, and have been independently tested to last over 15 times longer than the previous model.
Ready To UseSimply mount the Crossover Symmetry resistance cords to an appropriate anchoring point using the unique handle-to-carabiner configuration and get started with your workout. These exercise cords are available in six (6) resistance levels to suit any individual fitness level:

  • Super Light 3 lbs (Green)
  • Light 7 lbs (Purple)
  • Medium 10 lbs (Yellow)
  • Heavy 15 lbs (Red)
  • Super Heavy 25 lbs (Blue)
  • The Bronco 40 lbs (Orange)

Two Year Warranty and 100% Money Back GuaranteeIf you don’t see the reduction in pain or the performance boost that you’re looking for in 30 days, simply return it to us for a full refund. If you do decide Crossover Symmetry is right for you, then we offer a two year warranty. If the cords lose resistance in that time, we’ll be happy to replace them for you.
*Access to the Online Training Zone only available through purchase of the Shoulder System Package
IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: If you’re an athlete in any sport that requires shoulder strength and mobility, like baseball, swimming, golf or weightlifting, you’ll notice a significant increase in throwing power, strength overhead and shoulder stamina. That’s why we’re trusted by 20 MLB teams, 10 NFL teams and many PGA golfers.
READY TO USE IMMEDIATELY: You can start reducing pain and maximizing shoulder performance right away. The pair of Crossover resistance cords can be mounted to an appropriate anchoring point using the unique handle to carabiner configuration. The cords are also fully compatible with Crossover Symmetry’s Door Belts, Squat Rack Straps and Wall Mounts (sold separately).
DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: Crossover Symmetry resistance bands are wrapped in a high strength protective sleeve, that protects you from getting injured if the band snaps during use.
AVAILABLE IN SIX RESISTANCES: The Crossover exercise cords from Crossover Symmetry are available in six resistances to help improve shoulder health for a wide variety of individual fitness levels. Cord tension ranges from 3 lbs for novice users to 40 lbs for elite athletes.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen thousands of people achieve significant improvements to their shoulder strength, health and wellbeing with Crossover Symmetry. If you don’t see the results you want within 30 days, you can return it to us for a full refund.
List Price: $44.99

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