Denise Martin Weight Loss 2023: Before & After Journey


Even though on Survivor: China, Martin was a favorite contestant of a lot of viewers but she couldn’t make it to victory. Denise was voted out a day before the final council. But she has a lot of great memories from the show and she learned a lot.

While Martin was on the show, trying to survive, she undergo a lot of problems. There was a food problem, water problem, shelter problem, and many more. These problems combined made her lose a great deal of weight.

How much weight has Denise Martin lost?

Since she first appeared on the show till she left, Martin lost between 20 to 30 pounds. She said, “It requires a lot of effort to survive. You got to take care of every little thing. You should make sure that you’ve got food and water to survive.

Other survivors have also lost a noticeable amount of weight, check Courtney Yates, Spencer Bledsoe and Russell Hantz weight loss story.

When she was asked about what was the hardest thing to do on Survivor, she answered “Well, I guess finding food isn’t that much easy. It is the hardest part.” Even though this was a hard time but it taught her a great many things.

Where is Denise now?

As of now, Martin is living a healthy and comfortable life along with her family. She has regained the weight she lost while on the show. And is now all fit and fine.

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