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The Cheat Meal Guide

Today’s video is a direct follow up to the #BBSummer weight loss challenge video. I’ve spoken about how crucial it is to have cheat meals or cheat days while you’re dieting for weight loss. This is one of the biggest weight loss tips i can give you.

Remember, the key with any weight loss diet or any cutting diet is consistency. And a cheat meal or cheat day is like a drinks break towards hitting your century.

Cheating on your diet is a tricky game though. You need to have CORRECT WEIGHT LOSS guidance before you go all out with food. How to stay thin or how to cheat meal is an art. Lemme show you guys today. I call this my weight loss cheat day video. A weight loss diet has never been more fun.

Watch my bbsummer diet if you haven’t seen it already :

Today’s video is all about how to stay fit or ” how to stay thin ” . Let’s go.
Footage credit : Classic Veg Restaurant (Best pav bhaaji in Bombay)

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