Emilia Clarke Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After


Let’s turn to Westeros and talk about the queen, Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clarke was born on 23rd October 1986.

She is an English (well no need to mention but anyway) actress. Clarke’s birth name is Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke.

Clarke did not have to wait for so long to show the world. In 2010, she was cast for the role of Daenerys Targaryan, which proved to be a breakthrough in her career.

She was a part of the main cast throughout all 8 seasons of the show. HBO’s Game of Thrones won Clarke world recognition. Through her acting, she won the hearts of millions around the world and continues to do so.

Health Problems

In 2019, Clarke has stated that she suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage in February 2011. For which she underwent immediate surgery. She wrote about it in an essay for The New Yorker.

She stated that a time came when she could not even recall her own name. Clarke suffered from the same issue in 2013. However, thankfully now she has overcome these problems and is mentally healthy.

Issues with Weight

Emilia Clarke however, has suffered through the weight through time. In one of her photos, she seems much healthier which shocked her fans.

Everyone was talking about that actress not taking much care of her appearance. Some even suggested that she is a food lover.

However, little did they know that the stormborn, Emilia Clarke has never compromised her health. It is true that she was out of shape for some time but she overcame it.

Clarke lost weight and became even thinner and slimmer. As the difference can be seen in the photo. Moreover, her role as a Khaleesi also demanded more fitness from her.

For most of her life, Clarke has been fit physically. This is because she has kept a check on it. She has a proper plan for a healthy and prettier appearance.

Clarke follows a healthy diet and energetic workout plan. What does her workout and diet plan look like? We will discuss this now.

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Diet Plan

Emilia Clarke Weight Loss Diet

When Clarke was training for Terminator Genisys, she was also restricting herself from unhealthy food. It is obvious that Clarke is a human being, just like us. She has her taste, she loves food as well as we all do.

However, unlike most of us, she had to be the mother of dragons and Sarah Conor. So, Clarke has to take care of what she eats more than us.

During the shooting of Terminator Genisys, Clarke told in an interview what she had to do. She said “I have been spending all day, every day in weapons training. On top of that, I have not been allowed to eat anything that might taste good at all.”

The food Clarke avoids a lot is refined-white flour, refined sugar, and processed foods. When she was asked about what would she advise her fans to eat, Clarke said what her trainer has been saying to her.

That is, take into consideration the reality of processed food before buying. Just because it is written on the product that it is “Gluten-Free” it does make it Gluten Free.

You have to be conscious about what you are eating, and don’t put junk in. Taking care of our bodies should be one of our first priorities.

Take care of your belly for the first fifty years of your life and it will take care of you for the next fifty years.

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Workout Plan

Emilia Clarke Workout

Of course, it is not enough to just avoid eating junk and eating healthy. Workout is also an important factor that contributes to our health.

When Clarke was preparing for the role of Sarah Conor, she had to lift a lot of weight. And she would not use weights for lifting, instead, her trainers insisted that weapons would be more effective in lifting weights.

However, as soon as the shooting for the movie ended, Clarke took a deep breath and continued doing things in her own way.

Of course, when you have not got to do shooting for an upcoming film, you do not have to hurry with your weight.

Clarke goes to the gym at least three days a week. Where she lifts weights but in a more comfortable way.

Clarke also takes benefits from the ancient practice, Yoga. Yoga in this respect can be really a useful tool as it wins you peace of mind.

One more thing, Clarke does often is well walking. Walking seems a very simple and uncool thing but it has its own benefits.

It helps to keep your muscles tense and open. And it also gets you losing weight. Clarke’s approach to working out is to take it easy and it seems that this approach has worked for her in a very great way. Indeed the great results are the products of healthy routines.

Weight Loss

Since the start of the shooting of Terminator Genisys, Emilia Clarke has lost weight around 20 pounds. She is now much thinner than before.


Clarke’s routine is simple, enjoy your life and get away from unhealthy stuff. As mentioned earlier just like us Clarke loves eating delicious food but she avoids processed food as much as possible.

For that purpose, she eats homemade food. She follows the same diet and workout plan mentioned above.

Weight Loss Before & After

Emilia Clarke Before and after

Before the start of shooting Terminator Clarke weighed around 135 pounds. However, after the immense workout, she succeeded in cutting some pounds. She now weighs 115 pounds (52 KGs).

Early Life

Clarke became interested in acting after seeing the musical Show Boat. She saw the show when she was only three years old.

Clarke attended Rye St Antony School when she was in Headington. Later she went to St Edward’s School, Oxford. After graduation, she went on to accomplish her dream of acting.

In school, Clarke appeared in some stage productions. For pursuing her career in acting she went to Drama Centre London.

Her first appearance on the screen was in a University of London student short film, Drop the Dog. In 2009, after her graduation from the University of London, she went on auditioned for different roles.

While waiting for her selection, Clarke worked at many other non-acting jobs as well. Which as always shows that life is a kind of journey.

However, in the same year 2009, Clarke got her first proper role in an episode of Doctors. Her first main character was in Triassic Attack, where Clarke played the role of Savannah.


This now must be a law of nature that there is no success without hard work. There is nothing like overnight success.

People who get famous overnight are rare exceptions. And those who get successful overnight nor remain much of the time there.

It appears that Emilia Clarke knows this law very well. Because of the way she has done hard work not only for losing weight but also in achieving her place as an actress.

And she really deserves to be the mother of a dragon, stormborn, and Khaleesi. Clarke is leaving a healthy life just like always.

I hope that Emilia Clarke’s story and her techniques for maintaining her weight would help you in maintaining yours.

Thank you

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