Full Body Dumbbell Workout Ideas At Home


Are you looking for dumbbell workout ideas at home? Do this full body workout in less than 30 minutes!
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Unfortunately, most of us are stuck at home with no way to work out. Gyms are closed, and many of us are worried about how to keep our fitness during quarantine. Fortunately, there are many home workouts to build muscle, lose weight, and keep your body toned. This full body workout with only dumbbells will train your entire body in under 30 minutes. If you don’t own dumbbells, you can also use kettlebells.

**These exercises are meant to be done in an AMRAP style.
AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible.**

(3:12) DB Squat + Shrug – 1 minute
*Rest 30sec-1min
(4:36) DB Row + Deadlift – 1 minute
*Rest 30sec-1min
(5:57) Renegade Row – 1 minute
*Rest 30sec-1min
(7:12) Standing Shoulder Press – 1 minute
*Rest 30sec-1min
(8:40) Hammer Curl – 1 minute
*Rest 30sec-1min
(9:45) 1 Arm Floor Press – 1 minute
*Rest 30sec-1min
(11:36) DB Deadbugs – 1 minute

One full cycle of this workout will take you 7 minutes. Try to complete as many cycles as possible! Let us know in the comments below when you’ve completed this full body dumbbell workout for men! ?

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