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ALL standing, NO jumping, NO equipment, NO repeat | MODERATE day | INCLUDES warm up and cool down

It’s a heart-healthy? day here at Pahla B Fitness, and we’re doing a FUN CARDIO workout at a pace⌚ that’s just right for fitness and WEIGHT LOSS!

It’s February, my friends, and I’m excited to be here today for this routine. It’s my absolute FAVORITE? kind of workout! Yay, TEAM CARDIO!???

Find all SEVEN WORKOUTS in the February Challenge here:

Here in the U.S., February is American Heart Month, where we’re giving particular attention to this most crucial muscle in our body. Today’s MODIFIABLE routine is just right? for working our hearts in a way that feels amazing?.

This NO-REPEAT workout features relatively long 50-second intervals of LOW IMPACT exercises, with 10 seconds of rest between moves. We’re keeping our pace MODERATE, because that’s the key? to managing our heart rate and keeping it sustainable for the entire workout✅.

Join me in getting to the HEART? of the matter and celebrating what our miraculous bodies can do – at this age and EVERY AGE! Let’s go!

Grab a 2-pack of cute + comfy FAFAIR tank tops (affiliate link):
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Timer is set for intervals of 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest


Goofy Jacks
Step Back Side Punches
Ding Dongs
Reach Across
Upside Down Jacks
Can Cans
Crouching Ks
Toy Soldiers
Low Swinging Tappers
Rainbow Jacks
Punch Punch Kicks
Pretzel Jacks
Cheerleader Kicks
Windmill Tap Backs
Middle Skips
Walking Stars

FINISHER (alternate between sides):
Star Balance



Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond:

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❤ Pahla B – your BEST fitness friend! ❤

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