Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss [2023], Before and After


Gary is an American actor, director, writer, and comedian. He has also voiced many cartoon and video game characters.

Anthony has also appeared in the TV series, Blue Collar TV, Weeds, Malcolm in the Middle, and Weeds. 

Besides that Gary is also a recurring cast member on the comedy show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Anthony has always had something to surprise his fans with. However, this time, he appeared something totally different. 

After Williams shared his new photo on social media, it left his fans in total awe.

As it appeared, the American actor was in a totally different physique than before.

When asked what was up, Gary admitted that he had lost weight.

There is no doubt that during most of his appearances on the TV screen, Gary seemed chubby and overweight.

But not anymore. In fact, as it seems, he has gone too far to lose weight. After reaching his heaviest weight of 360 pounds, he has lost 155 pounds.

Another famous comedian, Drew Carey, has lost 60 pounds.

Gary’s Weight Loss Journey

Gary Anthony Williams weight loss

When Gary came out in public with his new appearance, he not only shocked his fans, he worried them as well.

And his fans weren’t the ones to blame. If you’ve been not following Anthony for a long time, you might’ve gotten shocked as well.

He has lost almost half of his body weight.

When asked about how did he lose weight, Williams opened up saying, “White is an evil plan.

I eliminated all white foods from my diet. Let it be bread, rice, pasta, or sugar. And you see the results.”

He added. “It wasn’t even about the amounts I was eating, It was just I was eating.”

Except that, Williams likes to keep his weight loss journey a secret.

However, what is a known fact is that Anthony also engaged in working out, which helped a lot in shedding pounds.

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Gary is Still Struggling

In his recent interview, Anthony announced that he still struggles with his demons, “I might have lost weight but my struggle is not over,” Gary said.

“I am still fat from inside, whenever I see delicious food, it becomes hard to control myself. But I am learning.”

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Before and After Weight Loss

Gary Anthony Williams before after weight loss

By working hard and abstaining from unhealthy food, Williams has succeeded in living a healthy life.

He has lost about 155 pounds, bringing his weight down from 360 pounds to 200 pounds.

Read about the sobriety and weight loss journey of the American actor, Ben Affleck.

Final Words

It requires commitment and dedication to shed unnecessary pounds.

After struggling with being overweight, Anthony succeeded in getting rid of half of his body weight.

He did so because he was committed to the cause. He believed in himself.

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