Give Me Strength – Strength and Conditioning Training for Seniors Over 60: Fight Aging Using Simple At-Home Workouts to Get Stronger, Improve Balance and Increase Energy. 100+ Exercises and Workouts


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Over 75% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition. Close to 50% have at least two. Would you like to stay out of those statistics? Then you need to keep reading…

According to researchers at Duke University’s School of Medicine, people start losing lean muscle and bone density at just 30 years of age. By 50, your strength, balance, and endurance have already begun to wane.

As you’ve gotten older, you might have started to notice these changes in your own body. Tasks that once came easily may be more difficult. It can be a scary thought to consider what it really means to get older – but don’t be afraid.

While the effects of aging are real and measurable, there is also significant evidence that they can be controlled and even reversed with one simple practice…regular strength and conditioning exercises!

It’s been proven that physical and mental wellness work hand in hand to keep you feeling younger and healthier as you age, yet many people are still unwilling or unable to maintain an exercise routine.

If you’ve been looking for guidance to help you start or hone your personal fitness journey, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

How to develop a balanced, holistic at-home exercise program at any skill levelScientific explanations of the processes of aging that we all experience so you can understand the why behind the changes you’ve been noticingHow to set goals you’ll actually reach and accelerate your progress as you work towards themEssential reasons why exercise is critical to aging well and how it affects common aging issuesThe data behind strength and conditioning training as well as secrets to unlock the ideal mindset when motivation wanesFoundational, intermediate, and advanced workouts designed to target balance, pain relief, and strength regardless of your past exercise experience

And much more…

Guided by 25 years of health and fitness experience, including witnessing firsthand the transformative power of exercise in his own mother’s life, Matthew Case has compiled a unique 350-page manual filled with strategies for developing strength and conditioning safely and effectively.

With these strategies and exercises in hand, you’ll be on your way to regaining the strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and energy of your youth.

Are you ready to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle that empowers you to stay independent and enjoy life? Then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

From the Publisher

Give Me Strength Give Me Strength


Give Me Strength is a comprehensive 350-page, story-driven book packed with practical, science-backed information. It includes customizable at-home workout programs, unique nutritional tips, and how to set goals and stay motivated. This large print book includes over 100 exercises and workouts for the beginner to the experienced. In addition to simple hand-crafted training, it includes a unique approach to creating your own programs that utilize a simple à la carte system that allows for limitless workout customization. The stretching and strength training exercises cover every major muscle group and include detailed descriptions of how to properly execute each one. The hand-crafted workouts include:

Foundations (Beginner)Next Steps (Intermediate)Tip-Top (Advanced)Balance 5 – Core WorkoutBalance 7 – Core WorkoutQuickie Cardio – Mini Full Body WorkoutPain Relief WorkoutsGive Me Strength Full Body Workout

Sample Exercise #1Sample Exercise #1

Sample Exercise 1

Exercise: Seated Dips

Body Part: Arms (triceps), Chest, Shoulders, Elbows

Benefit: Helps with pushing movements like getting out of a chair, shoulder and elbow joints, and balance.

How To: While sitting, place your hands behind you onto the arms of the chair and scoot to the middle/end of the seat. When ready, slowly push up until your arms are fully extended. Then, slowly return all the way down to the seated position. Do this 12-15 times.

Sample Exercise #2Sample Exercise #2

Sample Exercise 2

Exercise: Mountain Climbers

Body Part: Shoulders, Abs, Legs (Quads), Hips, Glutes

Benefit: Works multiple muscles, helps balance and coordination, and improves cardiovascular health.

How To: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, reach up with one arm (as if climbing), and simultaneously bring up the opposite knee/leg to about 45 degrees. Return to the original position and promptly perform the same motion with the other arm and leg. Be sure your movements are smooth and not jerky. Do this 12-15 times.

Sample Exercise #3Sample Exercise #3

Sample Exercise 3

Exercise: Arm Circles (various sizes)

Body Part: Shoulders

Benefit: Increases toning in the shoulders and back, keeps shoulder joints limber.

How To: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold your arms straight out, and then rotate them while making medium-sized circles. Do 15 forward circles, then 15 backward. You can also change the size of your circles from large or small.

Sample Exercise #4Sample Exercise #4

Sample Exercise 4

Exercise: Seated Chest Squeeze

Body Part: Chest, Shoulders, Upper Back, Spine

Benefit: Strengthens shoulders, chest, back, helps posture

How To: While seated, place your arms at a 90-degree angle in front of you. Hands can be open or closed. Slowly bring your elbows together, pause, and then bring your arms slowly upward until your elbows are about eye level. Slowly bring your elbows back down and open your arms to the original position. Repeat this 12-15 times.

Sample Exercise #1Sample Exercise #1

Sample Exercise #2Sample Exercise #2

Sample Exercise #3Sample Exercise #3

Sample Exercise #4Sample Exercise #4

This comprehensive, science-backed book explores three core strategies for improving overall fitness and health: getting stronger, improving balance, and increasing energy.

Getting StrongerGetting Stronger

Improving BalanceImproving Balance

Increasing EnergyIncreasing Energy

Getting Stronger

It’s complete nonsense that older adults can’t become stronger. This book explores the data-driven reasons why we can build strength despite our age. It will also provide practical ways to get stronger at home, offering simple at-home exercises and nutritional advice.

Improving Balance

Balance is improved when greater overall strength is achieved. Therefore a “full body” approach to exercise is vital to not just keep us from falling and injuring ourselves but to help us develop the confidence that we can do more with our lives! It’s time to take control.

Increasing Energy

It’s scientifically proven that we can significantly increase our energy through strength and conditioning training. Add proper nutrition to the equation and you will have a complete solution for more energy and a healthier life. This book explores both.

Give Me Strength BooksGive Me Strength Books

Evidence-based Resistance Exercises

”One amazing thing about skeletal muscle is its plasticity. Age doesn’t matter, if you engage and commit to resistance exercise, your muscle will adapt in healthy ways. This book is novel because it highlights evidence-based benefits of resistance exercise for older populations and provides easy-to-follow exercise routines. Matthew highlights that it is never too late to start which is a message we should share with our loved ones.”

– Dr. Micah Zuhl, Ph.D., Professor of Exercise Science, Central Michigan University

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