Grow Young Fitness Chair Exercises for Seniors – Strength DVD – Simple Safe Effective Strength Workout DVD for Elderly…


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Strength DVD Includes
Strength Workout 1 (23:39)
Strength Workout 2 (26:56)
Strength Workout 3 (27:35)
Strength Workout 4 (21:57)
Strength Workout 5 (24:41)
Strength Workout 6 (26:50)

Bonus Chapters
Bonus Weight Loss Workout (36:55)
Bonus Core Workout (15:43)
3 Pillars of Easy Weight Loss (15:28)
Reduce Pain & Inflamation With Ease (10:22)

Keep it Movin’!
These workouts are so fun, it doesn’t even feel like exercise!
✓ Lose Weight From The Chair.
✓ Burn Fat. ✓ Build Muscle. ✓ Improve Energy.
✓ Feel Younger. ✓ Guaranteed Results. ✓ Feel GREAT!
Top Rated Workouts! Grow Young Fitness has over 750 five star reviews! Recommended by doctors all over the World!, $39.00, $39.00


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