Honeycomb Fitness Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair – 1.1 lbs Each, Adjustable Size, Wrist and Ankle Weights for Women and Men, Workout Weights for Exercises, Cardio, Walking, Hiking, Yoga


Honeycomb Fitness AnkleMedical specialtiesPhysical exerciseSurgeryHoneycomb Fitness AnkleMedical specialtiesPhysical exerciseSurgery, Honeycomb Fitness Ankle, Our Honeycomb mens and womens wrist and ankle weights are the perfect workout gear to add resistance to any workout! Whether you are using them as walking weights, for running, hiking, water aerobics, swimming, or strength training, you will find that these arm weights are the perfect addition to take your workouts to the next level. Simply put the bracelet on your arms or legs and set the adjustable velcro strap to create a comfortable fit. These 1 lb ankle weights are great for both men and women, as well as for children. Both straps equal 2 lbs of total weight in the set. Regardless of your preferred choice of physical exercise, adding 1lb with these two bands to each foot or to your hands can make a simple bodyweight movement feel heavy. These weights are excellent for your childrens introduction to exercise, and as a way for them to model you to create a healthy life. Use these weighted wristbands to tone your body and feel your best each day. They work as great substitutes for dumbbells as these cuffs are easily removable and adjustable in size. These weighted wraps come in both black and pink colors, and wrap snugly around your wrists while you are lifting weights. They are also water resistant, which means you can enjoy some extra pounds of resistance while you are swimming in the pool.
MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DAILY WORKOUTS -Instantly turn any activity into a calorie-burning workout with these wrist and ankle weights.The wearable weights are specially designed to assist you in getting better results in less time.
HIGH-QUALITY – Our ankle and wrist weights for women & men are made from durable and high-quality silicone. They have texturized insides to help prevent sliding during workouts, leaving you worry free to work up a sweat.
UNIQUE DESIGN – Unlike arm and leg weights, these adjustable weights straps have a unique design that helps give them a sleek and stylish look while providing constant comfort and comfortable resistance during workouts.
EASILY ADJUSTABLE SIZE – These are easily adjustable ankle weights. The convenient strap design with variable piece allows you to add or remove one weight with ease. Adjust them according to your size.
COMFORTABLE SECURE FIT – Honeycomb Fitness leg and arm weights straps have a secure and comfortable fit that is easy to adjust according to your wrist or ankle. The snug fit makes it easy to wear and incorporate in any workout., $39.99, $39.99

Honeycomb Fitness Ankle

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