How To Do Bicycle Crunches For Beginners – The Proper Form, Muscle Building Benefits & Routine


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Hey, Fit Father Project here, bringing you yet another awesome core exercise to add to your routine. Bicycle crunches. This is a great exercise for rounding out your obliques and strengthening your entire core. But while many of us are familiar with the exercise, far too many don’t know how to do it properly and get the amazing benefits from it.

So in this video, I’m going to go over the finer form points of bicycle crunches that make this exercise effective. Because if you’re not doing bicycle crunches properly, they can be borderline useless and a total waste of time.

** How To Do Bicycle Crunches for Beginners – The Proper Form, Muscle Building Benefits & Routine **

So why are bicycle crunches a particularly effective exercise you want in your routine? Well, in a nutshell, it’s because they create both flexion and rotation for your core which engages more abdominal muscles that most core exercises. So if you’re looking for a better, stronger, and well-rounded core, these are a great choice.

Bicycle Crunches – Beginner’s Form Demonstration (0:35)

Like most core exercises, the bicycle crunch starts on your back. In terms of hand position, the best place to start is putting your hands behind your ears. This is going to help stabilize your neck and core as you alternate from side to side.

And in terms of your rotation with the bicycle crunch, you want to make sure you’re staying stable & controlled while also rotating deep enough to get the proper contraction.

Advanced Bicycle Crunch Variations (2:38)

As you progress, to make bicycle crunches more challenging and effective, try these variations:
– Using ankle weights
– Overhead arm positions

Bicycle Crunches – Beginner’s Routine Recommendations (2:25)
– Use a higher rep range, even to failure
– 2-3 sets of 15-30 reps at the end of your workout is a good place to start
– Pair bicycle crunches with something like an RKC plank for even better core muscle-building benefits.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that you got some helpful tips and form points to help you get started. Remember, bicycle crunches are useless without the proper form. So if you want to see the amazing benefits of this exercise, you need to know how to do them right.

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