How To Do Box Step-Ups (TUTORIAL + FORM)


Learn how to do box step-ups correctly to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.
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This is one of my favorite bodyweight leg exercises, the box step-up. This exercise is a great explosive bodyweight leg exercise for strengthening your glutes and building explosive power for athletes. It is also a great addition to an existing bodyweight workout program if you want to further challenge your legs.

All you need for this box step-up exercise is a sturdy bench or a box. The ideal box/bench should be at mid-shin height. As you get stronger, you can raise the level of the box. Initially, you can do this exercise without adding any weights. As you progress, you can add weights in addition to raising the height of the box.

One common mistake people make while performing box step-ups is using the back leg to jump up onto the box. You want to put as much tension on the front leg as possible, creating tension on the front glute. Drive up with the front leg, slow and in control. Pay attention to this box step-ups tutorial to make sure you are getting the most out of this exercise.

**Do 5-10 reps each leg. You can use this exercise as the 2nd or 3rd exercise in your leg workout.

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