How To Do Jump Squats Properly – Full Video Tutorial & Exercise Guide (With & Without Weights)


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Jump squats are one of those exercises that is great for both building muscle and losing weight. As you’ll discover in this guide, we can use slight variations of this exercise to make it more metabolic or strength-focused and explosive.

But no matter which you’re focused on, doing jump squats properly is incredibly important to not only get the best results but also stay safe and keep your knees injury-free. So in this video, I’m going to demonstrate the proper form, along with giving you some recommendations on sets and reps so you can work this into your routine.

How To Do Dumbbell Jump Squats – Step-by-Step Technique (0:28)

Some people like to do weighted jump squats with a barbell, but I recommend dumbbells because we have a little more control over them and you can do them at home without having a barbell.

Start with relatively light dumbbells so you can really explode with each rep of your jump squat. Because while our leg muscles do respond well to using heavier weight, they also respond well to fast-twitch explosive movement.

– Step 1: Place your dumbbells on the floor, one on each side of your legs; which should be shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees, keeping your back straight to assume the starting position.

– Step 2: Align your spine. This means feet shoulder-width apart, dumbbells hanging at your sides and head in line with your body. You should not be leaning forward or back.

– Step 3: Slowly lower the weights to above the floor by bending your knees. The weights should stay next to your calves on the way down. When your thighs are horizontal to the floor you are in the lower position.

– Step 4: Explode upwards as fast as you can; straightening your legs and jumping into the air. Your arms should stay straight moving up the side of your body.

– Step 5: As you land, start the knee bend to move you into the lower position again. This ensures you do not damage your knees and are ready to jump again. The key is to keep your body moving continuously.

– Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 for the prescribed number of reps.

Here are your routine recommendations – muscle building & fat loss (2:41)

** Pro Tip #1: This can be used as an excellent dynamic warm-up exercise, you should aim to complete 2-3 sets with 10-15 reps in each one. Alternatively, use this as an effective finisher with 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps.

** Pro Tip #2: You do not need to use heavy weights. The explosive force is enough to build rapid muscle growth in the target muscles.

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