How To Do PLYO LUNGES Safely (Lose Weight and Gain Explosiveness!)


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When done properly, plyometric exercises are a great option for both losing weight and building strength and stamina. They give you a great metabolic boosting effect, while also strengthening the core muscle groups in your body. And, plyo lunges are no exception. But, with any plyometric variation, there’s a slight increase in the risk of injury because of the explosive nature of these motions.

So, in this video, I’m going to demonstrate the proper form to make plyo lunges both effective and safe on your knees and key joints. And as an added bonus, we’ll also discuss the best routine recommendations so you can start implementing this into your routine this week in the best way possible.

The Basics of Doing Plyometric Lunges Effectively & Safely (0:41)

Again, with any plyometric variation, we’re essentially making the exercise more explosive and cardio-intensive, which is why it has great benefits for both fat loss and strength.

The setup for plyo lunges is incredibly simple. All you need is you and around 5 feet of floor space to make sure you don’t land on anything. And, although there are similarities to a standard lunge, with the plyo lunge, it’s a good idea to have a slightly wider lunge stance to increase your stability and reduce the risk of injury.

Plyo Lunges Proper Form Demonstration (1:16)

#1 Shoulder width stance in the lunge position.
#2 Step back with your knee almost touching the floor
#3 Explode off both legs to jump and alternate the position of your legs.

With any plyometric exercise, the key is to focus on the explosive ‘pop’ and controlled descend of the exercise. So looking at the plyo lunge, jump with power and when you land, focus on absorbing and controlling the downward motion to maintain constant tension.

Another key here is to maintain constant motion. Every rep should feel like a continuous string from one to the next because again, we want to maintain the cardio aspect of this exercise by staying constantly in motion.

Plyo Lunges – Routine Recommendations (3:32)

Plyo lunges are great to use on any metabolic or conditioning workout or at the end of a leg workout. Doing 2-3 sets of 25 reps per side is going to have some tremendous effects for both your weight loss and explosive strength.

Hope this exercise guide on plyo lunges helps you better understand the proper form of this exercise along with how to use it in your routine effectively. And above all, hopefully, this helps you avoid any injury or joint pain.

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