How To Do Rear Delt Flys With Dumbbells – Proper Form, Sets & Reps


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In this video, we’re going to be looking at how to do rear delt flys with dumbbells. This exercise is research-proven to be the best way to hit the posterior deltoid muscle really well. But, because it’s such a focused motion it’s going to be very important to use the proper form to get the most out of this exercise.

You’re going to discover the key form points, along with the best routine recommendations in terms of rets and sets to start incorporating this exercise this week. Enjoy!

When it comes to shoulder exercises, most of the focus is usually on the front areas of our shoulders. This is why reverse flys are so important for getting well-rounded shoulders, so let’s look at how to do them properly.

How To Do Rear Delt Flys With Dumbbells – The Basics (1:19)

As far as equipment goes, we’re going to need dumbbells and a stable bench to sit on. You’re going to be seated at the edge of the bench, leaning forward slightly, but still maintaining a strong back.

It’s important to note that, when it comes to doing rear delt flys with dumbbells, you want to use a weight that is fairly light. Because this is somewhat of an accessory motion where we really want to focus in on the particular muscle group.

Here’s The Dumbbell Rear Delt Flys Form Tutorial (1:45)

In addition to the other finer form points that you’ll discover in this video, it’s particularly important to take note of the proper hand position. Because research has shown that it is much more effective to use one hand position over another to get the best results.

Sets, Reps and Routine Recommendations (2:58)

Here’s a quick breakdown of the proper sets, reps and routine recommendations for the rear delt flys with dumbbells.

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