How To Do The Pallof Press – Cable & Band Variations (Sets & Reps Included)


Discover how to do the pallof press correctly! Great for obliques!
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When it comes to creating a well-rounded workout routine for your core, the pallof press is a great addition for targeting your obliques and transverse abdominis. But because it’s one of the lesser-known core exercises, most of us don’t know about the finer form points and variations that make this exercise so effective. So in this quick tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate the proper technique for the pallof press, along with giving you some routine recommendations on sets, reps, and how to incorporate it into your training for the best results.

So, the pallof press, what is it? Essentially, it’s an exercise that challenges your core to stabilize your trunk, enacting all the abdominal muscle groups, which is why it’s such a well-rounded motion. Now, traditionally, the pallof press is done with a cable, but in this video, I’m going to show you a variation using an elastic band which might be even more effective.

How To Do The Pallof Press With A Cable (0:33)

The setup for the cable pallof press starts with setting up the cable at around shoulder height and your body turned sideways away from where the cable is anchored. Because as you’ll discover, we’re going to be pushing our arms out in front of us, and we want them to stay parallel to the floor. Now, this isn’t a heavyweight exercise, because the focus here is to stay very slow and controlled all the way through the exercise. So use a weight that is just light enough to stay smooth and in line.

Additionally, because we’re challenging your core to keep your body stabilized with the pallof press, there is a big focus here on keeping your posture upright and strong, being careful not to twist from side to side or hunch over even slightly. Keep a rock-solid posture.

How To Do The Pallof Press With A Band (1:35)

While using a cable can be very effective, I personally believe that using an elastic band is a slightly better choice for the pallof press. For one, it’s easier to do this variation at home because you don’t need any sort of cable apparatus/machine to do it. And secondly, using the elastic band forces us to stabilize even more because it’s pulling us in more directions than the cable and has some variance in terms of tension.

But whichever variation you choose, rest assured that the pallof press is an effective core exercise for you when done correctly.

Sets, Reps And Routine Recommendations For The Pallof Press (2:19)

As promised I’m going to breakdown some of the recommendations I have for you on incorporating the pallof press into your training. Here’s the basic overview of what you’ll discover.

#1 Use a lighter weight to stay slow and controlled
#2 Do at the end of the workout before your traditional, main core exercises
#3 3 Sets around 15 reps each side
#4 Around 1 time per week

So I hope this exercise tutorial on how to do the pallof press correctly gave you some insight on how to get started this week. Again, if you’re looking for core exercises that focus more on your obliques and lesser abdominal muscles to round out your routine, this is certainly a great option for you.

Looking forward to bring you more training in the future, my friend.

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