How To Do The Russian Twist Properly & The Best Progression For Beginners


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When it comes to the most effective ab exercises for your entire core and oblique muscles, the Russian Twist is one of the best. But, it’s also one of the most poorly performed core exercises, so too many of us are missing out on the amazing benefits.

So I put together this quick exercise tutorial for you on how to do the Russian Twist properly. I’m going to demonstrate the proper form, give you some recommendations on sets, reps, and tips on how to work this into your core routine. And once you lock in the proper form, you’ll discover firsthand how incredibly effective this ab exercise is for building a stronger, more well-rounded core.

Russian Twist Proper Form – The Setup (0:29)

Like a lot of core exercises, we’re going to be on the floor for the Russian Twist. But for this exercise, in particular, it’s a good idea to clear some space around you because we’re going to be twisting and turning side to side.

Here’s The Step-by-Step Guide: (0:39)

– Step 1: Sit on the floor with your feet out in front of you and a 90-degree bend in your knees. Your heels should be lightly planted on the floor.

– Step 2: Lean your torso back, bending at your waist, so you create another 90-degree angle between your Quads and torso.

– Step 3: Make sure your chin is up, and your torso is straight and strong.

– Step 4: Breathe in, then as you breathe out, slowly twist your torso to one side, keeping your arms in line with your torso at all times (make sure you don’t just move your arms side-to-side).

– Step 5: Breathe in as you move back to the center, then breathe out as you rotate around to the other side.

– Step 6: Repeat this for the prescribed number of reps on each side.

** Pro Tip #1: We recommend starting with 3 sets of 10-15 reps. **


** Pro Tip #2: As you progress, you can raise your heels off the floor to make it harder. Once that is too easy, you can start to add weight by using a weight plate or a dumbbell in your extended arms.

I hope you enjoy this guide, my friend!

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