How To Lose Weight & Build Muscle At The Same Time & When To Change Your Routine


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Why is workout cycling important. Well, there are actually a variety of different factors that come into play. Maybe you want to start building some lean muscle as you’re losing weight. You’ll need a simple, easy to follow regiment that preplans both types of workouts and cycles between them in the most effective way possible.

But, what else? Well, whether or not you’re cycling between fat loss and muscle building workouts or not, as you progress there will come a time when you need to adjust your routine once your body adapts. Usually, this happens somewhere around the 1 month period, but as you’ll see there are several factors at play here.

Overview of Workout Cycling – What You’ll Learn (0:46)

Workout Cycle and Proper Routine Changes for Fat Loss (1:10)

Changing Up Fat Loss Workouts (1:40) – Priority #1

Discover why you need a comprehensive training program for the best results possible:

Workout Cycling for Muscle Building (3:37)

Cycling Between Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workouts (7:00)

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