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How to lose weight fast and easy at home!
Today’s video is made especially FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. Someone who considers themselves at or near the bottom of the list in terms of fitness/health. Today’s video is for all those looking for that first baby step towards getting leaner and healthier.

Fitness is a science. A tonne of information goes into contributing to a healthy lifetysle and thus a lean body. I’ve had a deep, burning passion for fitness for a while now, and it’s safe to say that I’m still learning.

But there was that first step.
As a fat teenager, when I went up to my trainer and asked him to give me my first basic task, my first step in moving towards a healthy lifestyle, he told me this – “For now, the deep fried food, the junk food, everything that’s savoury is fine. In the beginning you can afford to eat a bit of unhealthy food. But the one thing you should absolutely stay away from, THE ONE THING that you should avoid at all costs, IF YOU WANT TO GET FIT, is dessert. Avoid all kinds of desserts.”
I blindly followed his advice and this very motto has become a cornerstone of my lifestyle. THE ONE THING that I avoid as much as possible, is dessert and there is a reason for that. I drink, I eat pakodas, at least thrice a week I have an enormous helping of greasy red meat. But THE ONE THING I WILL ALWAYS AVOID will be dessert. It has to be a VERY special occasion or it has to be a non-negotiable craving for me to even consider having a sweet dish after my meals. I believe that dessert and sweets in general are the one food that keeps people from being lean. Anyone who is overweight/unhealthy, I guarantee you, they have an affinity for sweets, they have a “sweet tooth”.
It needs to be understood that desserts aren’t a food source. They are a vice. There’s a reason that most fit people avoid sugary foods. I would go as far as saying I pool desserts with alcohol or drugs. And there are multiple reasons why. I guarantee that if you ONLY avoid dessert, you’ll surely lose weight. You can’t expect to lose 10kg in 10 days honestly, but If you ask me to give you a number, i’d say about 10 kg in 6 months provided you exercise. And 10kg in a year if you don’t exercise. Enough of me yapping though. Watch this video for more information.

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