How To Properly Do Cable Crossovers – Proper Form, Sets, Reps & Routine


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In this video, you’re going to discover how to properly do cable crossovers to get a lean, defined chest. We’re going to cover the proper form, sets, reps, and routine recommendations so you can start doing cable crossovers more effectively. I’m also going to show you how you can incorporate cable crossovers into your training routine by pairing it with the other great exercises.

Muscle Groups That the Cable Crossover Targets (0:48)

Before diving into the actual form demonstration, it’s important to know why we even want to include cable crossovers in our chest workout routine. Because our ‘staple’ exercises like the dumbbell bench press, pushups, incline bench, etc…are all very effective exercises. But, most of these are primarily pushing motions (pushing your arms straight out in front).

But the chest is also responsible for what’s called abduction, bring your arms together towards your midline. That’s the primary focus and benefit of the cable crossover motion. Through that understanding, we can better grasp the finer form points of the cable crossover you’ll discover in this video.

The Proper Form for Cable Crossovers – Demonstration (1:30)

For this video, we’re going to start with the cables at around shoulder height. There are a few other variations some like to use, but this is our all-around favorite.

Now, when you grab the cables and walk out to your starting position, creating the light initial tension, there’s a critical step we need to note. Before you start bringing the cables together, make sure to ‘load’ your chest by bringing your arms slightly out and creating tension. This creates that nice pre-stretch in your chest which is advantageous for building muscle.

Next, as you’ll notice in the tutorial video, focus on maintaining a wide, open arm motion, almost like you’re hugging a tree. And, as always, do your best to stay slow and controlled throughout the entire motion.

The Cable Crossover Exercise Summary (3:10)

#1 Use a lighter weight, not a heavy lifting exercise
#2 Start in the pre-stretch chest position
#3 Stay slow and controlled
#4 Pretend like you’re hugging a tree
#5 Utilize different angles to focus on different chest areas
#6 Be sure to cross your arms at the finish
#7 Continuous tension, non-lock out reps
#8 Do them after your heavy pressing motions
#9 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps

So, these are the basics in terms of how to properly do the cable crossover. Remember, this is more of an acute motion where we want to focus in on the finer form points and use a lighter weight.

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