Hudson Hi-Fi Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves Covers – Premium Clear Vinyl Record Sleeve 500-Pack – Protect Your LP Albums from Scratches, Dirt & Dust – 3mm Thick No-Acid Exterior Disc Cover


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Your LP’s First Line of Defense: Now, your precious collection’s cover won’t gather dust and always be safe from messy accidents. These album sleeves for vinyl records are made with flush top and high-quality polyethylene for the reinforced thickness that shields your beloved LP cover art from blemishing, tearing, creasing, or wrinkling.
Storing & Organizing Made Easier: Invest in vinyl outer sleeves to help preserve your collection’s glorious cover while ensuring a clear record jacket display. Our outer record sleeves shield your LPs’ artwork while making it convenient to access and put away after a listening session.
Precisely Crafted for Safe Storage: Enjoy neatly storing your records with utmost convenience without risking album cover discoloration. Stack your LPs neatly in a row without the fear of creasing or folding, thanks to our vinyl record display sleeves’ 3-mil thick material.
Protect 500 Vinyl Records in 1 Set: Use our vinyl outer sleeves to shield your most prized collection. With 500 pieces of LP record sleeves, you’ll have plenty of extras to spare for new additions to your LP empire.
Clear LP Sleeves Designed in NYC – Each LP sleeve was created and proudly enjoyed by a passionate team of designers, engineers, producers, musicians, and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. These and the rest of our offerings aim to share the passion for music NYC has instilled in us with all fellow audiophiles worldwide.
List Price: $75.50

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