Ian Karmel Weight Loss 2023: Diet, Workout, Before & After


An American comedian and writer, Ian Karmel has written many award shows and even won an Emmy award for his writings. But as he was succeeding in his work he was struggling to lose weight.

His eating habits increased his weight and he started feeling struggling to move around and had health issues. Then finally he got the opportunity to lose weight.

Let’s see how.

Weight Loss Journey

Karmel often discusses his desire to lose weight on different social media platforms and on some public occasions too.

But he wasn’t able to find time and wasn’t ready to do all the efforts required to lose weight. Then the pandemic hit and the world goes into lockdown. Then Karmel got an opportunity and spend this time doing something creative.

He decided to focus on his physique. Now he got a lot of extra time and he institutes a plan. Karmel got in touch with a nutritionist virtually and asked for some practice tips.

He still wasn’t sure that he would complete this journey. But as time goes, he stuck with his goal, and as we all know he achieved success.


Ian Karmel’s diet plan is not based on days. He didn’t follow any strict diet plan. Because he knows that if he follows any strict rules then he will lose interest in the journey. So he decided to eat healthily as possible.

He also drank a lot of water in the morning before going for walk. Karmel eats salad and other foods recommended by nutritionists.

He did add some delicious foods to his diet but he wasn’t overeating. Karmel stops drinking wine, soda, and cold drinks.

As he was drinking a lot of water daily, this made him less hungry. So he ate less than normal. “I made a big soup.” said Ian Karmel when asked about his diet “Outside of that, I’ve been alternating between delivery and just big, joyless salads, so I get vegetables.”


Karmel also made an effort to increase his physical activity by adding a number of small exercises to his daily routine.

For example, he would stand up and walk slowly around the room each time he used his smartphone.

In the mornings, he would go for walks and bike rides. All of these activities were in addition to his regular workout.

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Before and After

After sticking with his daily routine Ian Karmel finally succeeded in losing around 120 pounds. You can the difference clearly in the picture above. “I’ve been working a lot still so far.” said Karmel “I’m sure that will change soon—then I’ll find out which hobbies come back.”


Many people on the internet are spreading rumors that Ian Karmel must have gone through weight loss surgery, and that’s why he has lost so much weight.

But the reality is the opposite. Ian Karmel didn’t acknowledge this and considered his weight loss journey a natural process that had been achieved through hard work and consistency.


Did Ian Karmel lose weight?

Yes, he recently lost an incredible amount of weight.

What happened to Ian Karmel?

Ian Karmel went through a weight loss journey to improve his lifestyle. His physique completely changed.


Karmel went through a lot of hard work and achieved his desired physique. Many people are struggling to lose weight and stop their journey after some days and months.

But if you really want to achieve success like Ian Karmel then there is not any obstacle except you. This is you who is stopping you.

Just get up and start doing some little activities on a daily basis and start eating some healthy meals. Follow this for a year and you will definitely see results like Karmel did.

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