INTENT SPORTS Multi Functional Ab Wheel Roller KIT with Resistance Bands, Kneepad, Workout Ebook. Abdominal Workout Wheel Roller with Large Wheels for Stability. Ab Core Workout, Exercise Videos.


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How we got our start I led an active life throughout my teens and twenties as my main passions were outdoor sports. Later on, I got busier with life and got out of shape. On the way back to a healthy life, I started to modify and invent products to my need. That led to the creation of Intent Sports. What makes our product unique Result-oriented, simple to use long-lasting quality products. Each one of our products has a unique purpose and will get you the results. They are all simple to assemble. No one has got time to fiddle around with setting up the products. Life-time hassle-free replacement, in case of any issue. Why we love what we do The shift from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle made me realize how great I feel now. I was missing it. Now it is my passion to be an ally of our average American. They’re working so hard day in and day out. They can get to feel the same way without misspending on the gimmicky products.

LOSE TUMMY FAT, TIGHTEN ABS with this premium professional quality Ab Wheel Roller KIT. This has the strong double wheel design. These are large wheels that keep you stable. They won’t wobble holding up to 450 pounds. You can push them in multiple directions for a better workout.
FULL KIT WITH BONUS Resistance Bands, Extra Padding Knee Pad, Guide for easy operation, and an Ultimate Workout Ebook on how get strong and lean with rock hard muscles and Exercise Videos You can do it!
LOTS OF ADDED PRO FEATURES like comfortable ergonomic foot stirrups that feel comfortable on your feet even when in full stretch. The resistance bands are extremely durable and the red covering looks stylish and energetic. The plush extra padded knee pad keeps your knees comfortable on any floor.
SOFT EVA FOAM HANDLES on the wheel. Even in a robust workout your hands won’t ache or risk injury. You won’t develop calluses or blisters as with lesser wheels. The clear wheels are well designed with a modern look. This is a great ab and core workout kit for both men and women of all skill levels. Perfect set for beginners.
LIFETIME WARRANTY ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 of these sets so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of an excellent abdominal workout. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this very popular complete abdominal set in stock. This is a great birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary gift. Just right for friends, family, and co-workers.
List Price: $29.87

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