Is Dairy Bad For Your Health? The #1 Cancer Causing Agent In Dairy


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Lactose intolerant or not, answering the question, “is dairy bad for your health”, is an important one for all of us. Because remember, the enzyme responsible for breaking down the lactose in dairy was an adapted mutation that certain groups of people developed over time. So, it wasn’t necessarily natural for us to consume many of the dairy products that we do.

And on top of that, as you’ll discover in this in-depth guide, that’s just a part of the picture. Because what the research shows is that the real danger when it comes to dairy isn’t in lactose, it’s actually in one of the protein compounds, casein. And there are some compelling studies outlining the seriously harmful effects associated with it.

So where does it all begin? Well, first, we need to look at the two main nutrients in dairy associated with health risks, sugars (lactose), and proteins (whey & casein).

Health Risks Associated With The Sugars In Dairy (0:57)

The Bigger Concerns – This Type Of Casein Is Bad For Your Health (2:06)

The Health Risks Associated With Casein (3:04)

Breaking Down The 2 Types Of Casein (3:29)

So, the big takeaway from this video is that, yes, dairy can be bad for your health. But, by getting your dairy products from the right healthy sources, we can mitigate and eliminate many of the serious health risks, particularly those associated with a1-casein. Hope this helped clear some things up for you.

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