Liz Torres Weight Loss [Updated]: Workout, Diet, Before & After


A 73-year-old actress Liz Torres struggles a lot with her weight. Today she is a successful actress and has done a lot of big things in her career, one of them is losing weight.

She started her weight loss transformation in 2008. Liz after weight loss appeared for the first time in public at the show It Must be Him’s opening night.

At first, her fans didn’t recognize her as she was slimmer than before. A lot of fans were curious to know how she lost a lot of weight.

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Weight Loss Journey

Liz Torres always wanted to lose weight after starting her career as an actress. Because she was health conscious and wanted to improve.

She talked about her weight in multiple interviews and said: how long can your heart take the strain? It was hard as digging the mountain but she never gave up.

Being on television was a big help for her. That gives her motivation to lose weight and change her lifestyle. She didn’t get much attention in her early days because of her weight.

In 2000 in one of her interviews, she said: “When I got heavier–and being Hispanic on television is limiting–I played a lot of maids. I would go on the set and people would not look at me.”

Being heavier made her insecure in some ways. But that helped her to make a hard choice to lose weight.

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Diet Plan

Her weight was around 250 pounds when she started losing in 2008. The diet which helps Liz Torres is mysterious and not known in public. But whichever diet she followed, it truly helped her a lot.

Sometimes you have to cut down on some heavy foods to lose weight. A lot of celebrities change their diet and their weight starts to reduce. Diet matters a lot in your everyday life. It can gain a lot of weight if you don’t care about it.


There were a lot of rumors on the internet that Liz Torres had weight loss surgery. But there is not a single proof that she went through any kind of surgery.

It is true that gastric bypass surgery helps to lose weight. But it can also do harm to your body in some cases. Especially if a person is very heavyweight then many doctors will not recommend having weight loss surgery.

Before & After

Liz Torres Before After

In 2016, Liz appeared in Gilmore Girl: A Year in the Life with her new physique. She was looking slim and thin.

She lost around 50 pounds in two years. It was a hard journey that she had to finish. After doing continuous workouts and following a healthy diet plan, She ended up losing a lot of weight.

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Liz Torres is currently very happy about her physique. The struggle she made truly paid off. She also advises other people who are struggling with their weight to not give up.

In one of her interviews, she said: “When I see someone heavy working on television I say, “Oh, God, go girl. You do it.” You know, it shouldn’t stop your life.”

It is not easy to lose weight, it is very hard and requires so much effort we cannot imagine. We should appreciate those who try to lose weight even if they shed a pound.

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