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How grazing, grabbing, gulping and gorging can bring you farther away from meeting your weight loss goals. 

Optifast weight lossThere are a colleaction of poor eating habits commonly engaged in that will often lead to weight gain. These habits are generally mindless, meaning they are frequently done without much thought. Constant snacking, serving oversized portions and downing high-calorie beverages instead of water can add several hundred extra calories to your diet every day. If you aren’t careful these goal-thwarting behaviors can seriously undermine your weight loss progress.

Optifast weight loss program

The Optifast weight loss program in New Jersey replaces the foods you currently eat with low-calorie, nutrient dense meal replacement products, but the OPTIFAST plan can’t replace your eating behaviors, too. While following the Optifast program it is up to you to make significant changes in the way you consume foods.

Just about everyone is guilty of having a few bad habits here or there. Try your best to avoid engaging in these four G’s of negative behavior:

  • Grazing: This is mindless snacking that happens gradually over time, like when a bag of chips is open on the counter and you slowly make your way through it over the course of a couple of hours. Grazing also refers to munching on leftovers while doing the dishes .
  • Grab and Go: Do your best to make time for your meals. While many of the Optifast weight loss products are great to eat on the go, most times a quick bite on the run turns into a drive-thru stop. Schedule your meals ahead of time so you are never rushed to eat.
  • Gulping: When you gulp down a beverage you are barely giving yourself time to taste it. When you are so thirsty you can gulp down a whole glass, make it water. High calorie juices and sodas should play a minimal role in your diet, but when you do have them, make sure you are just sipping.
  • Gorging: This is like binging. When you gorge you are eating way more than your body wants. Gorging is especially common at family get-together’s and on special occasions.

Chances are you’ve engaged in at least one of these behaviors a couple of times in your past. Whether they are something you struggle with frequently or not, make an effort during your OPTIFAST program to develop healthier eating habits. Creating a positive eating style now can help you during your transition back to traditional foods.


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