Perfect Pushup DVD Combo Set


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Now you can learn the most with a combination of some of the greatest exercise sets. Straight from Alden Mills, former Navy SEAL, and inventor of the Perfect Pushup. Learn new position and workouts to increase strength and power! Includes 3 DVD's: Power 10, Power 10 Advanced, and Get Ripped Workout.
Get Ripped
Watch and learn about: Perfect Pushup basic exercises. Planning your fitness program.

Power 10
Features 10 intense exercises like: The "Super Set" series highlighting the regular, close and wide positions, Dive Bomber, Power Punch pushup, Assisted one-arm pushups, the double-wide, shoulder press, mountain climber, 8-count bodybuilder. Include a final stretch to focus on your arms, shoulders and chest.

Power 10 Advanced
Features 10 new exercises like the Staggered Punch: the perfect X-factor workout targeting the shoulders, back and arms. Arm Sweeper: Engages scapular muscles to help you generate power. 16-Count Body Builder: an intense total body workout. Incorporating these exercises into three 5-minute workouts that will test your motivation and define your strength. New Challenges. New Rewards.

Deluxe Combo DVD Set
Train With Advanced Workout Plans
Learn New Tecniques And Positions
Learn From Former Navy SEAL Alden Mills
Super Value DVD Set
List Price: $5.57

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