Pietra Fitness Level 2: Finding Strength in God


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PIETRA FITNESS is a unique ‘whole-person’ fitness program that integrates physical exercise with Christian prayer while drawing upon the rich and timeless traditions of the Catholic Church. Bodily prayer, sacred art, sacred music, and Christian meditation are woven into this stretching and strengthening workout so that in only one hour, you feel calmer, stronger, refreshed, and renewed. This LEVEL II workout builds upon the fundamental postures introduced in Level I, and focuses on refining the poses and building endurance. Level II incorporates challenging sequences and strong transitions, making it a great workout to try after you are comfortable with Level I. This class was designed to promote muscle strength and control, as well as flexibility, balance, and improved muscular endurance. The featured meditation reminds us that our Strength is found in God. Note: A block (you can substitute a pillow) is used during a reclining pose at the end of the class. The block can also be used to modify poses throughout the workout.
Bodily Prayer
Sacred Music
Christian Meditation
List Price: $19.99

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