Prosource Fit Premium Heavy Duty Double Dipped Latex Stackable Resistance Band with Door Anchor and Exercise Chart


41s8rBuHf7L. AC41y1Pb6aGZL. AC41rumBOmNPL. AC31nY11KvR L. AC31BQwfd68uL. AC31dMMjTJzyL. AC31l6vrDAGdL. AC31C7k3tD2eL. AC31aGivyRLgL. AC31 OKF9SGgL. AC31I3lTtJCEL. AC31CEQhvlCBL. AC31DPXOGhBRL. AC31Nbqyp9k2L. AC31ZngLFEAeL. AC, buynow3, Prosource Fit Resistance Bands are perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit but can’t make it to the gym. One simple band with detachable handles can be used for a variety of toning exercises and stretches.
TOTAL BODY WORKOUT – Designed to target all of your muscles through a full range of motion for increased strength and toning, without any machines or special equipment.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made with a double-dipping process to ensure heavy duty, high performance latex that holds up to stretching and heavy use.
CUSTOMIZABLE – 5 color-coded, 48-inch bands with attached EXTRA-LARGE comfortable foam handles provide various strength levels and exercises in one set: Yellow (2-5 lb), Green (5-8 lb), Red (8-12 lb), Blue (12-16 lb), Black (16-20 lb).
ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE: Comes in a carrying case with a convenient door anchor so you can fit in a workout wherever you go. Includes an exercise guide with instruction, strengthening tips, and workout ideas.
VERSATILE: Resistance bands are extremely versatile, great for rehabilitation, toning and strengthening muscles, Pilates exercises, P90X, outdoor workouts, and travel., $26.99, $26.99 - $19.97


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