Resistance Bands Set – 150LBS Exercise Bands with Handle, Door Anchor, Elastic Bands Band for Stretch Physical Therapy, Home Fitness, Strength Training Equipment


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Product Description


resistance bands setresistance bands set

Why Choose Our RENRANRING’S Resistance Bands Set of 12

Benefits Based on Technical Aspects :

More Range of motion, Increases focus on muscles, Engages core and stabilization muscles, Infinite variations of exercises possible.

Benefits Based on Usability Aspects:

Fit for all levels of fitness, Best for rehabilitation from injuries, Helps build endurance, Doubles up the benefits when coupled with dumbbells and barbells.

Benefits Based on Commercial Aspects :

Cheaper alternative, Occupies negligible space, Carry anywhere while traveling, Exercise with or without a partner.

RENRANRING Resistance Bands Set Includes :

5 Resistance Tube Bands +1 Door Anchor+2 Ankle Straps+2 Handles+1 Carrying Bag+1 Workout Guide.

resistance bandsresistance bands

Stackable Up To 150 LBS

RENRANRING’S resistance bands set come with 5 different resistance levels: Yellow(10lbs), Red(20lbs), Blue(30lbs), Green(40lbs) and Black(50lbs) in 5 different colors, both in 51″. You can use the bands independently or in any combination with a maximum resistance level of 150lbs, make you can clearly feel the muscle building up after every stretch.

Resistance bandsResistance bands

Resistance Tube Bands Specifications

Brand: RENRANRING. Colour: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black. Length: 51.0 inch. Bands Material: Natural Latex. Handle Material: ABS Core, Foam Sponge Handshake. Resistance Level: Yellow (10LBS), Red (20LBS), Blue (30LBS), Green (40LBS), Black (50LBS). Item Type: Resistance Tube Band, Exercise Band, Fitness Band. Advantage: Real Resistance, Non-breaking, Strong Elasticity, Stackable Pounds. Benefits: Train Your Arms, Back, Shoulders, Legs, And Butt All At Once. Package: 5 Resistance Bands + 1 Door Anchor + 2 Ankle Straps + 2 Handles + 1 Workout Guide + 1 Carrying Bag.

2021 Upgrade All Accessories




100% Real Natural Latex

Made of real latex material, more elastic and durable, safe and reliable, give you the best resistance for exercise.

Strong Mountaineering Buckle

Large hook accessories andhigh-density nylon webbing make it more elastic and durable, safe and reliable can meet more intense fitness.

Large Soft Handle

Resistance bands handle bar, ABS material made, more solid. Foam sponge handle, increase softness and friction.

Thermoplastic Elastomer Thermoplastic Elastomer 100% Natural Latex Rubber + Woven Tape Outdoor Climbing Rope

1 Carry Bag +1 Workout Guide+Video 1 Carry Bag +1 Workout Guide+Video 1 Carry Bag +1 Workout Guide Non 1 Carry Bag +2 Climbing Hooks

Resistance Levels
Yellow 3.7~5.5lbs, Red 4.6~6.7lbs, Blue 5.8~8.6lbs Yellow 3.7~5.5lbs, Red 4.6~6.7lbs, Blue 5.8~8.6lbs Blue (40 lbs.) Green (50lbs.) About 10~200 lbs. About 3000 lbs.


Pilates, Yoga, Physical therapy, Exercise, Shaping Loss Of Fat Pilates, Yoga, Physical therapy, Exercise, Shaping Loss Of Fat Suitable for dips to train your arms, back, shoulders, and legs all at once. Suitable for home gym, pulley machine, fitness machines. Suitable for fishing magnet rope,rock climbing, Camping, Rescue, High-altitude work, Engineering Protection, Exploration, Hiking , Preparedness, and more.

Gym, Home, Outdoor Gym, Home, Outdoor Gym, Home, Outdoor Gym, Home, Outdoor Gym, Home, Outdoor

【Newly Upgraded 150lbs Resistance Band】- Based on customer and market research, we have made a comprehensive optimization of the resistance bands, improved the production process, and used healthy 100% natural latex materials to make the exercise bands more elastic and durable. The accessories like handles use the highest quality materials in the market, can guarantee your training goes perfectly, effectively help you to train full body muscles, building your core.
【Effective Creating Ideal Body】- Our resistance bands program will help you get your perfect Ideal body. Easy to use, Not only practicing squats, push-ups, leg raises and strengthening triceps are very effective, but also help you to increase coordination, stamina, flexibility. The ankle straps can better strengthen the leg muscles. For women who want to stay in shape,it can also help train the hips, shape the perfect chest and abdominal muscles, and show a charming body curve.
【Perfect Resistance Exercise Bands】- Five strength resistant levels included: (10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs and 50lbs in 5 different colors, both in 51″). You can use the bands independently or in any combination with a maximum resistance level of 150lbs. Can meet a variety of exercise needs by combining with different resistance level. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness expert, you can easily find your personal solution and start the exercise program.
【Your Personal Home Gym】- This strength training equipment includes 5 Exercise Bands, 1 Door Anchor, 2 Ankle Straps, 2 Cushioned Handles and Guide Book, also comes with convenient travel pouch. With improved designed of lightweight and free mobility, you can quickly start your exercise plan in the family exercise room, office, or gym. So!! Whether for personal use or as a gift, it is a perfect choice for you.
【12 MONTH WARRANTY SERVICE】- Full money back guarantee & 12-month replacement warranty. If you are not satisfied with our resistance bands, find your order and please feel free to contact us, we can offer a full refund or a new replacement.FREE, No Need to Return Package.
List Price: $22.98

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