Sam Larson Weight Loss [Updated]: Lost 80 Pounds Surviving on “Alone”


Unless you don’t know Larson personally, you must’ve heard about him because of the History channel’s show, Alone. Sam is an author and outdoor educator. Larson teaches wilderness living classes.

He participated in Alone in season 1. However, he did not go far enough. But when Larson returned in season 5, he was fully prepared for the competition and he won that season. As you might know Alone is not an easy thing to win.

Participants of the show have to live in the wild for months and the contestant who succeeds in staying longer is the winner.

Now, staying in wild is not the only thing. Contestants have to stay there without any chance of receiving food or water from outside that wild.

Sam lost 80 Pounds while Surviving

The contestants had to stay in Mongolia and survive there extracting their own food and water from the resources they could get.

After a few weeks, Sam started having problems finding food. He was so desperate and hungry that he was losing control of himself. 

When after staying hungry for more than 8 days, Larson’s energy was draining and he was seeing that he is going to be eliminated and lose the competition, he tried to stay active at all costs.

Sam started finding worms to eat. Now, worms weren’t very hard to find in the wild. He even ate leeches which he remembers to this day. While eating leech, Larson explained the experience as “gross”.

Sam Larson before after weight loss

Food wasn’t the only problem. Mongolia’s hard weather was also a factor to consider. Larson built the warmer shelter he could from the resources of the wild. That’s how he managed to stay on the show and finally became the winner. However, he lost 80 pounds in the process.

Where is Sam now?

Sam Larson weight loss journey 2

As of now, Sam Larson is fit and healthy. He has regained his energy and is totally okay. Larson shares a son and a daughter with his wife. They all live happily.

When Sam returned home, his wife took so much care of him that only in a month, Larson was happy and back to the point on which he left for the show.

The wild has also given a tough time to other participants of the show, Alone. Find out how Callie Russell, Biko Wright, and Russell Hantz lost and regained weight while trying to survive.

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