SEATED MIX CHAIR EXERCISE FOR SENIORS- 3 DVDs + 30 Exercise Segments + Resistance Band. Most Comprehensive Chair Exercise DVD for Seniors Available! Finally- Fun Chair Exercises for Seniors DVD!


51aOzWzH5IL. AC51GPZc5VqvL. AC4170C1pqjiL. AC51ym3EJFhLL. AC41Jl5Cm2pXL. AC41KRE zFM9L. AC41fhMAJ9NdL. AC, buynow3, SEATED MIX includes 30 seated exercise segments + 3 DVDs + Resistance Band. Easy to follow exercise program that everyone can do. A complete total body workout focusing on aerobic endurance, abs, core, strength training, balance and stretching right in your chair. With over 30 seated segments to choose from, you can create a custom combination that is perfect for you!

  • 30 SEATED EXERCISE SEGMENTS TO CHOOSE FROM TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR PERFECT CHAIR WORKOUT: Seated Exercise Mix is a collection of the best chair exercise videos from season 1 of A New Way 2 Move exercise TV series with Curtis Adams. This seated exercise program will always be exciting and fresh because you create your favorite seated workout combinations- a new workout every day! 
  • CHAIR EXERCISES FOR EVERY SKILL LEVEL: Seated Mix is perfect seniors and for any skill level. It was created so you can go at your own pace. Customize your own chair exercise workout from a library of 30 seated segments. Beginners start off slow and increase as you progress. If you are looking for a more advanced workout, Seated Exercise Mix is perfect for you too! Simply stack your favorite videos for your perfect workout. 
  • SITTING EXERCISES THAT WILL GROW WITH YOU AS YOU GET STRONGER: This seated exercise for seniors program was specifically designed to grow with you as you get stronger it is perfect for seniors, beginners or more advanced. With a variety of workout videos to choose from, a beginner can start with a 10-minute chair workout and grow into a 45+-minute workout as they get stronger.
  • INCLUDES 3 DVDs + RESISTANCE BAND: this seated exercise program also includes a resistance band created specifically for seated exercises. It is longer with lighter resistance than most bands which makes it perfect for doing chair exercises. This exercise band provides resistance to help build strength.

30 SEATED EXERCISE ROUTINES to customize your perfect chair workout. Do a new workout every day!
EXERCISE VIDEOS FOR SENIORS OF EVERY SKILL LEVEL: program created so you can go at your own pace.
EASY TO FOLLOW TOTAL BODY WORKOUT focuses on better endurance, getting stronger and gaining balance.
SENIOR WORKOUT DVD SET COMES WITH EXERCISE BANDS FOR SENIORS: longer and lighter resistance grow young
LOW IMPACT VIDEOS EXERCISE FOR SENIORS plus resistance band with x-light resistance you will love!, $29.97, $29.97


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