Get strong obliques by adding the one-side plank to your core workout!
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The side plank exercise is a great oblique workout for beginners that works the side of your midsection, where the obliques are located. Oblique muscle training is something that is often left behind when people complete abs workouts. Strong obliques help with your overall functionality as well as creating a completely developed mid-section. The oblique muscles run down the side of your body and are effectively responsible for all twisting movements. This oblique muscle exercise is great if you play sports that require explosive twists, such as Tennis or Golf. Make sure you are using the correct side plank form by following the steps below.

Side Plank Tutorial — [Step-by-Step Technique]
Step 1: Start by kneeling down, then lay on your side and set your forearm on the floor with your elbow directly under your shoulder.
Step 2: Place your legs out to the side, keeping a straight line throughout your body.
Step 3: Taking the weight through your forearm, lift your hip off the floor, holding your core tight to keep the position.
Step 4: Hold the tensed position for as long as you can as you continue normal breathing.

** Pro Tip #1: We recommend you start by holding the position for as long as you can. **

** Pro Tip #2: As you complete the exercise, make sure that your hip does not sag downwards or backward. If you cannot remain in a flat position, stop the exercise.

** Pro Tip #3: For a more advanced level, you can rotate your shoulders round and place your free hand through the gap between the floor and your hip.

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