Stress Hurts Your Family & Your Health: Use These Tips To Help Manage Family Stress


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Managing your stress levels can make or break your fat loss success, regardless of your diet and exercise routines.

When we get stressed, our body releases higher levels of cortisol to help our body better react and handle the situation. This triggers your body to pump glucose into your bloodstream to be used up as energy.

But, here’s the problem. Your body can’t differentiate between something like running to catch a bus or being in stuck in traffic while already late for work.

Both are stressful, but our body doesn’t need the extra glucose sitting in traffic as it does running after the bus. So it doesn’t use it, and most of it gets stored as fat as an energy reserve.

And most stressful situations nowadays don’t require a physical response. Issues in your family, problems in a relationship, or at work, so all this glucose is getting produced but not used.

And, in cases of chronic stress, this build-up causes insulin resistance which really messes up your metabolism and can eventually lead to health concerns like diabetes.

Here are some common causes of stress & symptoms:

#1 Poor sleeping habits
#2 Frequent illness
#3 Feeling closed out
#4 Work/school performance

Here are some helpful strategies:

– What’s the big picture?
– Bring the family together.
– Make small commitments
– Community support

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