TANGOFLEX: A Revolutionary Flexibility Training (2 DVD Set)


51+fXEVWpXL. AC316H0rA6cNL. AC41sRrqHww8L. AC41aHQSzLD9L. AC41Rnbir1ZbL. AC51rNpER9U9L. AC, buynow3, This two DVD flexibility program is designed to get you leaner, limber and flexible. Whether you are up for the 50-minute full body flexibility workout or the 5, 10, or 15 minute routines, you will treat your body to an inner massage. The relaxing music will take your mind away while you work on your flexibility, range of motion, posture, balance, coordination and core strength. This is not just another stretching DVD! TANGOFLEX uses a specific method that increases flexibility, strength, balance and coordination to help you relieve back pain, achieve greater range of motion and feel better overall…and because TANGOFLEX is very low impact, it benefits both beginners and advanced. You even have an option to disable the background music so you can have your own music while still listening to Victoria’s instructions!
2 DVD set: Flexibility, Balance, Strength, Posture & Coordination with sound onoff feature
50 Minute Full Body Stretch Workout
5 Minute Lower Back Stretch & Back Pain Relief Routine
10 Minute Balance Routine
15+ Minute Core Strength Routine, $27.95, $27.95


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