TANGOFLEX: Stretching for Health Exercise DVD – Released March 2022


512g7oyrQeL. AC31BJJeMZkiL. AC31OumVlLEOL. AC31dJzipWQIL. AC31+2aBi4y6L. AC, buynow3, Based on the Tangoflex Method, Stretching for Health is a workout designed to improve mobility and increase flexibility while strengthening the core. These workouts are slow, easy to follow and take a gentle approach, giving YOU the power to relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize movement. The workouts in this DVD target the entire body without putting excess strain on the joints, making this DVD a great fit for beginners.
5 Total Workouts For All Levels Including Beginners
80+ Minutes Runtime
Guided Meditation with Stretching to Release Tension and Stress
Bonus Workout focused on stretches for the pelvis, hip adductors & hamstrings, $24.97, $24.97


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